Innovative 3rd Party platform, Zyrus have incorporated Dragon Coin, the World’s No. One Entertainment Coin into their Junket and daily dividend payment system.

Utilizing Blockchain technology and Dragon Coin (DRG), Zyrus will allow its exiting userbase of 1,500 active users to use DRG when it opens for live operations from 22:22 hours BKK on 22nd July.

Not only does this demonstrate a real-world use case for DRG in the gaming industry but this is also fantastic news for Dragon as this will allow access to the online casinos as well as being playable in the physical junket locations once air travel and restrictions are lifted.

The system is designed to be easily implemented for use in physical locations.

Zyrusworld is using its own affiliate system to encourage users from all of its platforms to use DRG in several highly beneficial ways. Once registered on the platform (after the time shown above) users can jump straight into the action and play games of luck and skill but the main benefits this 3rd party platform brings, extend well beyond gaming.

In most systems, the depositing and withdrawal of funds are expensive with fees payable on all transactions; however, there are no fees to pay when DRG is used as outlined below.

Users of the system can do three things either simultaneously to gain maximum benefits from the platform or simply select one of three styles outlined below:

Scenario One - Use their DRG deposits to get access to play on the online casinos up to their deposit limit.

In this scenario, all wins and losses are settled afterwards within a set time period.  In a traditional system, if a player had used a payment gateway to pay the amount owed straight away, fees would be payable to the payment gateway each and every time a transaction is conducted.

This method of settling up is precisely the same method a traditional junket operates (using credits owned by the junket), but in this case, the credit line is secured because of the deposits the member has initially made with Zyrusworld.

Any losses need to be settled in the DRG equivalent to the Fiat value at the time of settlement which needs to be within seven days of when the gameplay happened; otherwise, they will forfeit their deposit and will not be entitled to any benefits from that stream of revenue.

The member can also assign these credits to other players and get a % commission of the amount played (member gets member, referral system/sub junket). This system eliminates unnecessary payment gateway fees every time play happens.

Scenario Two – Playing at a physical location.

The members can, once air travel restrictions are lifted, play at physical junket locations in the same manner as covered above, meaning that the demand for DRG should be maintained.

Scenario Three – Profit Sharing

In addition to scenario one and two, all deposits made on the platform warrant a profit share on the earnings earned from all gameplay.

A % (interest or earnings) will be given for their different packages. The requirement to access profit sharing is to deposit and hold DRG for a three or six month period. The DRG deposited, can be used as collateralized credits on the Online Casino and in time, the physical locations as well.

This system should increase the demand for DRG as players will be active globally and looking to purchase DRG 24/7 to play, hold or settle bets. So whether you choose to use the system or not just hodling DRG in your Dragon Social Wallet is a sound move to make.

Disclaimer: Zyrusworld is a 3rd party platform, not owned by Dragon, which uses DRG digital currency within its gaming ecosystem. The use of digital currency for trading and gaming is complex and not suitable for everybody. The valuation of digital currencies may fluctuate; you are responsible for all the risks and financial resources you use in your chosen trading / gaming system. Any content on this site should not be relied upon as advice or construed as providing recommendations of any kind.  If you do not fully understand these risks, you must seek independent advice.