Since launching 24 years ago, the Waipa World Investment Conference has typically focused on investments however this year's edition in Poland on 7th, and 8th October had its focus squarely set on the challenges and prospects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  This year's edition of the conference sees thousands of attendees from the financial service industry, the banking sector, fintech, as well as governmental agencies. To help address the future of FDI, this event attracts some serious movers and shakers from the banking industry to discuss specific issues that may affect FDI.

After registration, the event kicked off with a series of panels and workshops designed to give exclusive insights into the future of FDI and how challenges can be solved.  The first-panel session addresses critical factors and policies of FDI; the second panel session focuses on FDI and digitalization, while the third panel investigated new investment types.

Dragon is ideally placed to support the financial sector by providing an ecosystem which offers a robust alternative to traditional methods weighed down with legacy challenges.  Dragon is taking the stance of supporting traditional businesses bridge the gap as we move forward in the digital transformation era allowing companies to implement Dragon’s Blockchain Solutions into their existing businesses.  The opportunities afforded by using the Dragon Social Wallet, for example, removes high fees associated with cross border transactions making international trade more accessible and cheaper than ever before.  Dragon Social Wallet to Wallet transactions are completely free meaning that payments to company staff and vendors can be made almost instantly and the great range of Digital Currencies such as Dragon Coin and the USDC stable coins on the Dragon Exchange can create new investment methods with new markets.

Amongst the strong field of speakers was Victor Van Vuuren who is the current chairman of COPAC and  Stan Just who is currently a board member of EGDF and PGA. Stan's address focused on digitalization and FDI in today's world, and he addresses some of the challenges of FDI and how digitalization can be used to solve them.  Robin Krieger current owner of RRK, also shared her insights on business development and strategies that are capable of improving FDI.  

To remain competitive on the global stage Dragon has taken the lead by applying the latest industry standards for KYC and AML throughout their ecosystems and have enhanced the functionality of the Dragon Social Wallet (DSW), which is free to download from here, so users can become verified directly within the app.  This is a fantastic enhancement to an already excellent product which allows people in any country to access Dragon Blockchain Solutions.  If you haven't done so already, take a moment to sign up on the Dragon Exchange, download the Dragon Social Wallet, then find about more on the Dragon Ecosystem by catching up with the latest articles on the Dragon Blog.