More than just an international non-profit organisation with members in sixty countries worldwide, Women in Tech is a movement with a double mission. Mission one - bridge the gender gap in the tech and mission two - encourage women and girls to embrace technology. This dual mission is fuelled by the underlying drive to empower women while adhering to a “technology for all” ethos.

The Women in Tech movement further embodies this “technology for all” mindset through the significance placed on the concept of inclusivity. Irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, sexual orientation or disability status, the movement represents all people.

Through focusing on four key areas, Education, Entrepreneurship, Events and Research, the aim of Women in Tech is to equip women and girls with the necessary skills to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) career fields.

The earlier the benefits of technology are introduced to young girls, the earlier the gender gap can be bridged. Technology presents a world of opportunity and the Women in Tech movement champions raising awareness for more accessible, all-inclusive education and training strategies to maximise the potential of this opportunity.

There are a plethora of networking and mentorship opportunities, support during the incubation and acceleration phases of projects, award ceremonies that recognise and celebrate leaders who are transforming the digital ecosystem as well as the launch of “Challenges” that identify and reward initiatives that actively bridge the gender gap - all of which contribute to the dual mission.

The Women in Tech Challenge taking place on Wednesday 15th May in Paris is one such Challenge! Whittled down from over 200 applicants, there will be four finalists per category. From all over the world, across the four pillars of Education, Entrepreneurship, Science & Research and Social Inclusion, the finalists’ projects will be judged by a panel of international tech experts.

Paul Moynan, Co-founder of Dragon shares the drive and initiative of the Women in Tech movement to be a catalyst for the empowerment and accessibility of technology. Initiatives including the development of a university apprenticeship scheme that will see young people learning about the revolutionary properties of Blockchain technology are well underway.  Dragon further encourages the development and sharing of practices, insights and culture to educate - to find out more about Dragon and its quest to integrate Blockchain technology and Dragon Coin into everyday business, click here.