Five hundred hundred global hemp industry representatives are expected to attend the conference at the spectacular Aoluguya Hotel, Harbin, Heilongjiang.  The busy two-day forum beginning on 3rdJuly seeks to explore the new market environments with the theme of “Drive, Exchange and Development” and provide amazing high-level networking opportunities for professionals from all over the world.

The fantastic benefits of hemp and CBD are wide-ranging and as such the event gathers government leaders, experts and scholars, business leaders, associations and investment and financing institutions worldwide to talk about hemp today and its future uses.

Heilongjiang Province is perfectly situated to promote the exchange and cooperation between the domestic and foreign hemp industry and development of the industrial and medical applications of hemp.  The region is going from strength to strength and is attracting serious international attention from some significant movers and shakers.  Heilongjiang is one of the biggest provinces in Northeast China with a nominal GDP of 1.62 trillion yuan (ca. US$240 billion) and a staggering annual growth rate of more than 12.2%.

Presently, Heilongjiang is one of only two provinces in China where the growing of hemp and related business is legal.  Heilongjiang has a long and prestigious history in the hemp industry stretching back to the 1960s when the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences (HAAS) engaged in the collection and collation of hemp germplasm resources.  Today their activities are similarly impressive and wide-ranging, employing cutting-edge technology to cultivate new industrial cannabis varieties, germplasm resources innovation and molecular cytogenetics.

The forum boasts a jampacked schedule with speakers covering fascinating topics such as policies, capital, medical, health, farming and processing technologies giving a unique 360- degree analysis of the enormous opportunities and investment prospects offered by the Chinese hemp industry.

The forum brings experts such as Dr Jan Roberts, CEO of Partners in Health and Wellbeing and also taking centre stage is Philip Gu who is widely regarded as being as one of the industry’s greatest minds and leaders in global hemp and cannabis.

As you can see from our previous article, Philip is in tremendous demand globally; he and Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan share a great passion for developing hemp treatments to improve veterans’ physical and mental wellbeing.  Additionally, the research and development team are also looking at developing a great range of products which will be available to be purchased by the wider community through retail markets.

Philip is the visionary founder and CEO of Stemcell United Limited where he invented SCU’s Dendrobium Officinale orchid stem cell technology which needs a mere three months, rather than the usual 3-5 years to achieve marketable Dendrobium Officinale products.

With an impressive 30 years of senior management experience, including ten years working as part of the United Nations, Philip has gained prestigious awards from the Fijian government for his innovative approaches to processing sea cucumbers.  So much so that the technology was soon eagerly adopted by Australia and New Zealand.

Philips in-depth expert knowledge and wide-ranging international network across Asia Pacific has seen him also working with the Ministry for Primary Industries of Queensland Australia to formalise the management tools for Australian sea cucumber resources of Great Barrier Reef.

With Dragons evolution of the Entertainment industry well and truly underway its R&D department continues to investigate exciting developments in stem cell research and the use cases for cannabis/hemp for both beauty and medical treatments to bring about an evolution of the wellness industry.

Dragon will bridge the gap between traditional business and blockchain innovation as it brings its attention to evolving the Wellness industry and will look at the application of industrial hemp materials for mass adoption across the wide-ranging sport and entertainment sectors.

The possibilities are truly endless – get your free Dragon Social Wallet ready and join us on this exciting journey.