Dragon spreads its wings with another strategic partnership.  This time into mobile and casino based gaming, on their mission to continually evolve the entertainment industry through the adoption of Dragon Coin.  

Dragon’s ecosystem is set to become used extensively throughout the primary business model in exclusive Junkets (VIP rooms) for High-rollers.
As creators of the worlds number one entertainment coin (DRG), the expansion into mobile and E-gaming being driven by Dragon’s Paul Moynan is a clear sign that Dragon are making some major moves behind the scenes into a number of growing and fast-paced industries.

Dynamic co-owners and brothers Dimitri and Peter Palexas from Game Media Works are dear friends of Paul and long-term supporters of Dragon.  The brothers are well-known for their innovation of the video slot machine industry, online gaming as well as the social gaming space.  

They said, "we are looking forward to the integration of Dragon Blockchain solutions and adopting their Dragon Social Wallet and Dragon Coin (DSW/DRG) for advancing businesses and gamers experiences."

Game Media Works possess an impressive understanding of the verticals that Dragon has built and enhanced existing ones.  They recognise why keeping a low profile has been so advantageous for Dragon and their partners and working with Dragon in 2019/20 is going to be very transformational.

Dragon Coin (DRG), the world’s number one entertainment coin, provides state-of-the-art technology for harnessing on and off Blockchain solutions has been subjected to extensive beta testing in a live E-gaming environment and, when combined with the Dragon Social Wallet and the Dragon Exchange (DRGx) it provides a robust and energetic ecosystem.

Speaking with Paul, he is quick to acknowledge the delays and understands frustrations both internally and external and is greatly thankful to the Dragon team and partners who understand that start-ups are faced with challenges, especially when pioneering and evolving centuries old traditional business models.

As with all new business there will be delays.  What people have to keep in mind is that we are not running a platform but rather creating a highly adaptable ecosystem.  Dragon's move into mobile and E -gaming and the creation of several online and offline video slot and flash games means DRG will see prolific mass adoption.

Dimitri and Peter are amazing innovators in their own right so our partnership is set to be one of creativity and great prosperity, and all this is happening while our primary business model goes through the last few implementation processes before stress testing the system and going live.

Paul finishes with a confident smile and adds, “this is a very exciting time for Dragon and our partners – however the best is yet to come!”