Discussing VIP gaming and luxury in Manila isn't complete if the Okada Manila Resort isn't included. With an impressive track record of annual gross gaming revenue of 30% totaling to Php 3.16 billion, it is evident that this luxury resort is hitting more highs than lows.

It is pertinent to note that as per the reports from Universal Entertainment, the primary fuel that drives the growth of Okada Manila is the resort's gaming platform. Bearing this in mind, Dragon's services would perfectly complement Okada Manila's current operating environment if it could be integrated into the resort's gaming system.

Dragon's high-tech ecosystem of the Dragon Exchange, Dragon Coin and Dragon Social Wallet, can help the Okada Manila attain even greater efficacy by ensuring secure, fast, and frictionless payment systems for its VIP patrons and customers. Dragon provides cutting edge tools, such as Dragon Coin, that make sure that the remittance of finances is streamlined and efficient.

Essentially, the Dragon Coin (DRG), which is a cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum platform, can be potentially incorporated in several gaming hubs within the resort. The benefits of DRG technology will eventually lead to more consumer appreciation and profit soaring for Okada Manila, as it produces cost savings and improved efficiency.

Moreover, if the gaming platform within the resort is planning to introduce and launch a new gaming product, Dragon is wired towards delivering such an objective. Its main aim in the realm of product launch is to ensure that a potential gaming product is up to the latest in global remittance standards.

The CEO of Dragon, Paul Moynan, believes that forming key partnerships greatly benefits systems and businesses. Dragon has supported the VIP and luxury gaming industry all over the world by providing new payment avenues that challenge traditional remittance systems.

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