As we recently covered in The Dragon Guide to eGaming which is still available on the Dragon Blog, the gaming industry is big business with gaming tournaments drawing in masses of spectators, either in the venue or watching live online. Hot on the heels of the recent  Fortnite World Cup, Sportradar has announced a partnership with the developer of another fan favourite.  Riot Games are developers of League of Legends as well as being event organisers of some of the world’s largest competitive gaming tournaments.

Riot Games operates many of the world’s largest competitive League of Legends events, including the League of Legends World Championship, the League Championship Series and the Mid-Season Invitational. According to CNBC, last year’s League of Legends World Championship drew almost 100m unique viewers.

The deal sees Sportradar monitoring betting around League of Legends competitions organised by Riot Games and reporting suspicious activity or integrity issues to the company.  This is fantastic news, highlighting the proactive steps the industry is taking to protect players and fans alike.

With sports betting falling under the umbrella of Dragons iGaming Pillar Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan commented: 'with legal sports betting expected to grow over the next several years, competitive integrity is of the utmost importance.  Dragon continually monitors developing trends and ensure that we have the right mechanisms in play to react with shifts in the industry.'  Integrity is of crucial importance, and the benefits that a secure immutable ledger provide means that Dragon Blockchain Innovation will remain a key component in this industry.

The strategic partnership that Dragon has forged with the excellent payment gateway provider Skrill brings with it a whole host of additional benefits and provides users with access to a fantastic array of games which are playable immediately after signing up which only takes a few minutes. Once signed up deposits can quickly and easily be made in the beautifully redesigned Dragon Exchange which provides access to the US Dollar Stable Coin as well as the amazingly versatile world’s number one entertainment coin - Dragon Coin (DRG).

Dragon is determined to conquer 2019, make sure you read our blog to keep up with the latest innovations in the gaming world.