With Blockchain adoption at its forefront, we see a world evolving from old-fashioned predated ways of business and trust, racing towards a new, trust-less and almost instant standard in remittance and entertainment.

A very notable point of change in Blockchain adoption can be seen if you look towards Africa for example, where reports of companies utilizing Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) across the continent, from Transportation to Gaming and Lottery Industries, have been growing substantially.

Dragon is on hand to support the Summit and explain the many benefits of Dragon Blockchain Solutions at the Turkish African Investment Summit which gets underway today in the vibrant capital of Turkey, Ankara.  

The three-day Summit aims to promote the further already rapidly growing Turkish investment and trade relationships with Africa. The Summit has been superbly organized in partnership with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade ATO (Ankara Tilaiet Odasi), SRS Overseas and the Al-Nasri Foundation respectively.

This event gathers many notable businesses and high-ranking Turkish government officials all in one place ready to grow investments and cement trade relations between Turkey and Africa, with a key focus on Investment Policy Promotions, strategic networking and facilitating ease of business relationships between both parties.

Brainstorming sessions can be an excellent way to drive innovation.
Photo by Thomas Drouault / Unsplash

In attendance are a diverse group of Service Providers, Real Estate Companies, Institutional & Private Companies, International traders, Investment Professionals, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies and Media & publication companies.
Dragon team members will be there speaking to various high-level attendees to explain how they can apply Dragon's industry-leading fast, secure, frictionless and low-cost payment systems into their ecosystems.

As creators of the world's number one entertainment coin, Dragon has its eyes set on expanding further into Africa to support their implementation and adoption Blockchain.  Paul Moynan, CEO of Dragon and former Royal Marine Commando, through the team and his bold vision has created an innovative Dragon Ecosystem that comprising of; Dragon Coin (DRG), the free Dragon Social Wallet (DSW) and their native Digital Exchange (DRGx), which caters to the 3 main pillars of Dragon; VIP Gaming, eGaming & iGaming. Along with a growing range of diverse verticals such as; Art, Charity, Dragon Pay, Education, Entertainment, Music, Sports and Wellness.

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Through the adoption of Dragon Blockchain Solutions, there is a value add takeaway for every sector in attendance.  The nature of today's hyper-connected global marketplace relies more and more on Blockchain.  All transactions are visible on-chain and transacted near-instantly without relying on third parties, making all transactions occur as part of a seamless low-cost and ultimately more enjoyable process.

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