As well as being Barak Obama's 58th birthday, the 2019 TruffleCon event draws to a close today.

The TruffleCon event from 2nd to 4th August at Microsoft's Redmond campus with big hitter Microsoft being the main sponsor. Truffle is a suite of tools created to enable the building of decentralised applications powered by blockchain technologies.

Building 92

The Truffle framework is used to build applications which run on Ethereum, which once again showcases its versatility and the growing awareness in the tech world of the potential benefits that can be had from using Ethereum based blockchain.

The event drew speakers from all aspects of the blockchain ecosystem and let attendees get up close and personal with hands-on workshops which were geared towards novice users and experts alike.

Amongst the keynote speakers was solution architect Chaitanya Konda, Global Blockchain Innovation, Ernst and Young who gave a fascinating insight into tokenising and transferring assets privately on Ethereum. Another stand out speaker was Robert Magier, who delved into how Ethereum smart contracts can be used to sell artistic products such as movies, poems and music. Roberts has been involved in three art projects where smart contracts have been used to sell, rent or sponsor art products.

Art is a key vertical market for Dragon who have created a modern legacy platform using Dragon Blockchain Innovation to unlock new market opportunities for artists and art lovers alike. Using Dragon Coin, the world's number one entertainment coin to purchase art removes the need for the middle-man and takes advantage of the trust-less ecosystem native to the Ethereum blockchain.

With over 1.5 million downloads so far the Truffle suite allows cross-chain development whether developers wish to build on Ethereum, Quorum (as used by JP Morgan) or one of an ever-growing list of platforms.

Truffle aims to make developing assets for Ethereum as simple as possible by providing built-in smart contract compilation and automated smart contract testing for rapid development.

With more and more applications being created for the Ethereum blockchain this can only be good news for ERC-20 tokens such as Dragon Coin, which you can buy now, as they will act as economic stabilisers for the Ethereum market.