"100% of Stocks and Bonds trading on Wall Street today could be tokenised, and in five years, 100% of the stocks and bonds on Wall Street will be tokenised."
Robert Greifeld (Former Chairman & CEO of Nasdaq) – Nov 2017

This conference, proudly hosted by CMS intends to provide comprehensive insights on applying blockchain technology to the process of tokenising a real-world asset and the creation of a security token.

Tokenising assets, such as a piece of Dragon Art work means lowering costs for issuers, but it also improves transparency, efficiency and liquidity of real-world assets.

The tokenisation of real assets democratises access to new investment opportunities and allows for fractional liquidation and ease of exchange with other investors.

The conference kicks off at 12 pm on 4thJune is opened by Charles Kerrigan, Partner at CMS after which attendees have access to a mouth-watering array of networking opportunities if they can fit them into the jam-packed day.  Expert speakers such as Breige Tinnelly, Head of Europe at Securitize will discuss the impact on the United Kingdom, while Dr Ran Chang, Co-Founder at GlenBit, looks at issues through a global lens.

With Blockchainstartup 20|30 reportedly raising £3 million ($3.93 million) through selling tokenised shares in a test environment on a London Stock Exchange Group operated platform you can definitely expect to hear more about tokenisation in the coming weeks.

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