Dragon Co-founder Paul Moynan is an advocate of women's empowerment, and with pioneering blockchain solutions in the entertainment industry with Dragon Coin, the world's no. 1 entertainment coin, the tech industry is particularly close to his heart.

Paul was honoured to receive an invitation from the Women In Tech team for the opportunity to attend The Women in Tech Challenge event that takes place on Wednesday 15th May in Paris.

The “technology for all” ethos of Women In Tech and underlying drive to empower women through education, entrepreneurship and research is echoed in Dragon as they strive to positively impact as many people as possible through blockchain innovation and its widespread adoption.

Despite the fact there is a world of opportunity in a more gender-inclusive technological environment, it is clear that there are, at best, only a modest number of women who are currently employed within the blockchain industry - making the gender imbalance very noticeable.  Given the ever-evolving nature of the blockchain industry, it is only logical that women are also involved in the process, not only to bridge the gender gap and create a setting of inclusivity, stability and diversity but to also ensure that technology is built and shaped in a way that encompasses all needs.

It is imperative that greater awareness is brought to the lack of female presence in the blockchain and wider tech industries and one way to do that is through fantastic events like The Women in Tech Challenge.

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