The Cockleshell Endeavour team for this race is made up of former Commando Engineer Neil Marshall and serving Royal Marine Commando Dave' Brucey' Bruce.  This is the latest event organised by Mick Dawson and his expert team under the Cockleshell Endeavor banner.  Dragon Ambassador Mick and his partner Steve Sparkes were in action last year conquering the 2400 miles of the Great Pacific race raising funds for Blind Veterans UK and the Royal Marines Charity.

Fresh from the refurbishing Bill Sparkes’ grave, one of the original Cockleshell Heroes who inspired Mick to set up Cockleshell Endeavour, he was on the start line to see the team off as they embarked on the Yukon River Race, the world's toughest kayak and canoe race.  Neil and Dave have hit the ground running, so to speak on the 444-mile course that snakes its way from Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon, in only three days.

Check out the live progress of the teams – who will come out on top in this epic test of endurance?

Former Royal Marines Commando and Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan has ensured that his company is committed to helping veterans succeed in life outside the military and is watching the race as it unfolds.  The latest event is raising awareness and funds for Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK, which is the number one genetic killer in infants for which there no cure.

The cause is very personal to Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan as his close friend Chris Maynard’s daughter suffers from the condition. Chris and Paul served together in the Royal Marines and, as a long-time supporter, Chris has always followed Dragons progress as they continue to evolve the entertainment industry.

Chris and his brother Joe, who is a serving Royal Marine, recently raced in the 125-mile Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race raising money for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) in an updated version of the boat used by the Royal Marines since World War 2 and in fact, was the same style of boat used in the Cockleshell Endeavor Pacific Race.

Although there is as of yet a cure for SMA, medication is available to dramatically improve the quality of life for those who have this genetic disease.  Mick Dawson invited Chris and his daughter Alice to the emotionally charged launch of the Yukon Great River Race project at the Coach House, Rottingdean where Mick revealed that the event would be raising money for SMA.

Paul Moynan said, 'the commando values are courage, determination, unselfishness, and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.  All too often, we focus on the first two, but everybody involved in this epic race will have to face all of them at some stage - and Alice is the pure embodiment of them all.’
Paul adds, 'time and time again we see demonstrations that the skills and values gained as a Royal Marine, or soldier, are life-long and lead to a unique strength of mind and the 'can do' attitude that employers look for in their staff.  We can see another prime example of this as Bruce stepped in as a last-minute replacement, only meeting his teammate Neil at the airport as they left for Canada.’

This is the latest of several charity events that Dragon have been associated with over the past year, visit the blog to see how they are committed to working with veterans and charities, and to download the only wallet you will need for your digital currencies.

You can read about Mick’s past adventures in his book ‘Battling the Oceans in a Rowboat: Crossing the Atlantic and North Pacific on Oars and Grit’