Deep linking is not a term heard of too often, but it is, however, something that we unknowingly come across and utilize on a day to day basis while we venture through the World Wide Web. Simply put, a deep link is a link, shortcut, or hyperlink if you will that directs you to a specific part of a website that isn't the homepage. What it does is help companies, brands, and websites create a seamless and more direct way to share content from specific parts of their website as well as link the users directly to that content.

“ “ - NOT a Deep link

“ “ - IS a deep link

There are instances where a company would choose to not allow deep linking by other sites and platforms, as it avoids the advertising usually shown on main pages, which many websites rely on as a significant source of revenue due to inbound traffic. But what would the internet be like today if deep linking technology had not existed? We can look to AJAX and Adobe Flash-based websites; for instance, these two technologies do not offer deep link support without 3rd party assistance. This can ultimately lead to a webpage that won't be able to utilize the forward and back functions, due to the lack of URLs to act as a call to action to move in both directions. Another issue, not being able to refresh a webpage without being redirected to the home screen as well as not being able to bookmark a page! All of these actions ultimately are made possible thanks to the benefits of deep linking.

For mobile phones, App developers can utilize deep linking to allow users to be redirected from a web browser app such as safari, directly to a specific page within an app, such as a checkout page or product page advertised on a website. This is very powerful in user acquisition as many people will stay engaged with the content for longer, as they have no visual interruption in-between. For example, as opposed to having to manually open the app-store, go and search for the app, download it and find the specific page, you click on the link, redirected to the app store with the app ready to download. Once downloaded, the app is prompted to open on the page connected to the deep link. Smooth. Easy.

Frequently, users would copy an address, open a wallet app, paste the address, type the amount they'd like to send, send the amount and go back to the app they were using before. With deep linking technology, a user clicks on the deep link to a wallet app and address and confirms the payment in said app. the user is then returned to the initial app completing a quick and easy process that took less than 30 seconds.

Deep Linking exists to help create a more seamless experience for its users. Dragon Coin, the world’s number 1 entertainment coin, is looking to improve the VIP Gamers experience when using Dragon (DRG) even more smooth and easy. By using deep links in the invoicing system that was implemented earlier this year. When an HR (High Roller) arrives at a junket, with no DRG, he/she is issued with an invoice by the cashier, which ultimately is sent to their Dragon Social Wallet app, a free to use iOS and Android wallet utilized within the Dragon Ecosystem. However, they will also be notified through SMS/e-mail. The HR then clicks on the link in the invoice, which will redirect them into the invoicing section of the app where they purchase DRG at the market rate. The cashier then receives the DRG and issues non-negotiable DGC chips for the High Roller to start their hands with on their first bet!

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