The 2019 Global Blockchain Forum is a one-day event being held on the 16th of August in Hong Kong at the stunning Marco Polo Hotel, where attendees can take in the spectacular harbour views between sessions.

The position of Hong Kong within the blockchain space is one at the forefront of governmental awareness, pro blockchain regulation and one for innovation. As previously delved into on the Dragon Blog, Hong Kong was the host for the very successful 2019 Blockchain Week which was held in March which saw a total of 3000 delegates and 170 expert speakers come together at a 4-day event to discuss and network about the significant issues within the industry.

This image was a complete experiment. I wasn’t what the final pic would look like. 

Essentially this is a photo of my daughter’s My Little Pony fibre-optic tree viewed through a prism. The prism was propped up on a couple of empty wine bottles and some tins of baked beans. 

I think the effect works!
Photo by John Adams / Unsplash

The main aim of the Global Blockchain Forum is for the discussion to be had on 'the next wave' of blockchain innovation and solutions. The event hosts talks from a handpicked panel of industry experts, and as it smaller than the previous Blockchain Week it lets attendees engage more with the speakers. The main point of the event is for the discussion of the role of blockchain solutions regarding open banking payments, private banking with blockchain and the role of digital currencies within the fintech space.

The photo was taken with a Pentax K-mount Centon 50mm F1.7 lens on a Fujifilm X-T1 body. The project involved a Bitcoin bought on eBay for 89 pence and a computer monitor to show colorful pixels for the background. I’ve created a little scaffolding to keep the coin in place, the bokeh is real, rendered by the lens, I used my mobile phone light to lit the coin. A little bit of shopping needed to remove the unnecessary bits and correct the colors, that’s all. The project took about an hour and a half to finish.

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Photo by Viktor Forgacs / Unsplash

The forum consists of 6 industry expert keynote speakers and one discussion panel. The keynote speakers attending boast impressive credentials with individuals holding highly credited positions with some of the world's finest academic institutions such as Oxford University and highly successful global companies. The presentations and panel are on the following:

·  The Story of Money and Financial Systems: The Past, Present, and Future - Dr. Kekun Wu

·  Why AI x Blockchain Smart Contracts are good for Decentralised Currency Exchange - Peter IP

·  Regulatory Requirements for Businesses Considering Cryptocurrency & Blockchain - Daniel Puzny

·  Best Fundraising Practices From 130 IEOs on the LATOKEN Platform - Valentin Preobrazhenskiy

·  Prediction Markets on Blockchain: Practical Cases - Denis Voskvitsov

·  Need for Better information for Crypto Investors - Dr. Hans Koning

·  Discussion of the Rise In Security Token and Digital Assets Backed Tokens - Chair of Panel: Liam Bussel

The topics that are being discussed at the 2019 Blockchain Forum in Hong Kong are set to educate attendees on 'the next wave' of blockchain technology and the use cases that are at the forefront of blockchain adoption. There are significant correlations between the current forefront of blockchain innovation, and the work that Dragon is doing as the main focal point of the forum is the discussion of the future of digital payment solutions. Dragon is the world's leading company providing fast, secure, frictionless payment solutions and you can access this technology for free now by getting hold of your free Dragon Social Wallet.