The Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference takes place on Friday 18th of October in Tbilisi, Georgia. The practical event touch on important topics in the online and offline gaming sector, its marketing characteristics, and market forecasts. With a focus on the Georgian Gaming market, in particular, the event is expected to attract the likes of gambling operators, advertisers, affiliate program representatives, developers gambling entrepreneurs, and more. Theory and practice from presentations brought about at the conference will better help all in attendance to get an in-depth understanding of the possibilities afforded by affiliate marketing as well as investigating real business use cases.

The one-day affair will take place at the luxury Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel. The GIAC will welcome a diverse range of speakers that could prove to be of great assistance to people looking to benefit within the iGaming sector. These speakers include amongst others; The president of the association of casinos in Adjara, Shota Amiranashvili. The head of product marketing of the largest Georgian iGaming website, Adjarabet, Giorgi Gvenetadze, and head of gambling business regulation division at Georgia Revenue Service, Teona Shiekashvili.  Furthermore, there are several marketing agencies and SEO specialists, along with casino marketing managers and legal/compliance managers, also set to take center stage.

With many partners in the iGaming industry such as Game Media Works, Dragon co-founder and CEO, Paul Moynan, has positioned Dragon and its ecosystem well within the growing industry and is ready to evolve it. By leveraging Blockchain technology, funds are securely and immutably tracked and can never be altered or erased and reversed, forming the safest and most assuring method of transaction.

Those in attendance will be given the tools and knowhow to establish an online and offline casino within Georgia. The steps one needs to take to operate legally and to avoid penalties within Georgia, their laws, and regulations. Another critical focus to be discussed is marketing and analytics and how utilizing the two can help with the growth of capital within the gambling sector, including how advertisers can select a reliable affiliate network and what tools should be leveraged to attract online and offline casino customers.

With iGaming making up one of the three core pillars to Dragons Ecosystem; VIP Gaming, eGaming & iGaming. Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin and their native android and IOS app Dragon Social Wallet (DSW), which is free to download and sign up, are poised to serve as an advantage in terms of service and as a stepping stone between traditional businesses and blockchain. By providing blockchain solutions that allow frictionless and seamless transactions from Dragon Coin (DRG) to fiat and vice versa, all in a matter of seconds at a minimal fee of only 0.5% (transfers within the DSW however are fee-free) as opposed to many traditional payment gateways and providers (usually charging up to 3-5%). This is made possible thanks to the Dragon exchange (DRGx) which acts as a core conversion mechanism for the whole Dragon Ecosystem as well as the DSW.

By utilizing DRG, the gamers are put back into control, allowing them to have access to a wide range of secure cashless services throughout the ever-growing Dragon ecosystem, eliminating the need for multiple gaming tokens for separate gaming platforms.

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