Electronic games continue to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world of entertainment. The development of modern technologies has significantly contributed to the online gaming industry through a fusion of different creative ideas such as easy internet access to the games; use of digital currencies and significant improvements of gaming machines and equipment.  

The vision of Paul Moynan, co-founder of Dragon is refreshingly straight forward. His goal is to examine traditional business practices and see how they can be improved by using state-of-the-art blockchain technology.  Combining blockchain with the Dragon Social Wallet and Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin, Dragon continue to evolve the e-gaming space.

What are the benefits of e-gaming?

Electronic games provide users with a whole host of positive benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Interaction: online gaming or e-gaming allows communication amongst people from different societies, regardless of race or background.  Collaborating with the clear sharing ideas on how to win, spills over into daily life where many ideas can also be applied. It can also dramatically improve the communication skills of introverts who may feel more comfortable interacting with people through a digital medium which is accessible and more convenient.
  • Mental exercise: online games also help to improve your mental state by having to improvise and adapt to predict and counter the opponents' moves and having to apply different techniques to win. Reflecting on why the game was won or lost offer more critical thinking opportunities,  exercising the brain and keeping you sharp all of the time.
  • Source of money: electronic games offer you the opportunity to play with real cash, with minimal investment and give you a chance to win a lot of money. Visit our blog to stay up to date with the Game Media Works and Dragon partnerships bringing hundreds of electronic games that provide you with the opportunity to earn real cash.
  • Entertainment: aside from being a stress reliever online game provide a means of entertainment to keep our mind and souls happy.
  • Development of skills: online games help to develop many ‘human’ skills rapidly as they boost your memory, concentration, and improve decision making.
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How blockchain technology is providing positive change in E-gaming.

Blockchain technology provides players with a safe platform on which to buy, sell, and build a portfolio of game collectables. A player might create an account/profile playing a game and use the same profile across many games, and when the player goes leave the game, he will need a wallet which is a place to store his digital assets. The integration of Dragon blockchain solutions allows the secure storage of valuable gaming assets and digital currencies such as Dragon Coin.

How Dragon is at the forefront of this evolution.

Dragon continues to take the lead in the online gaming industry forming strategic partnerships and utalising the advantages offered by the latest technological facilities in both physical and virtual gaming equipment.  Gamers can use Dragon’s digital currency for playing online games which are known as Dragon Coin, and it is paired against a number of fiat currencies which means you can get hold of your winnings after signing up on the Dragon Exchange (DRGx).

Dragon is slightly different than other providers who offer a mishmash of integrations as they have built their secure ecosystem of coin, wallet, exchange and gaming interfaces through the proven technologies of their partners API’s.          

You can download the secure and supremely user-friendly Dragon Social Wallet free at on our website.

Dragon has made the online gaming industry more secure, entertaining, and accessible  - choose Dragon now to enjoy the convenience and luxury of online gaming.