Located in bustling Rua De Malca, Macau, proudly stands The Casino Golden Dragon, a luxurious casino & hotel situated across from Fishermans Wharf and a short stroll from Casino Real.  Operating around the clock 24/7, The Casino Golden Dragon never sleeps and welcomes people from all around the globe to experience and enjoy all 75,000 square feet of gaming space, spread across three floors. With an additional 20,000 feet of slots on the 1st to 3rd floors under the Mocha Slots Club moniker. The real take away, however, for Casino Golden Dragon is it’s table games as this is what's known to have had the most appeal amongst the risk-takers entering the venue. With almost 100 tables offering thrilling games such as Mahjong, Blackjack, Pai Gow, and Baccarat, there's no shortage of options for gamers to try their luck.

When guests at The Golden Dragon and have had their fill of gaming, they may choose to relax at Villa Picasso. An open seated restaurant, and see what the world-class Asian & American menu and buffet has to offer, or hit up the Dragon Palace and devour some fried, steamed, and baked Dim Sum while taking in the spectacular views of Fishermans Wharf.

Those who like to take their gaming a little more seriously, with more at stake, High Rollers will be delighted to find several high limit VIP Clubs, including Kat Seng VIP Club, Sun VIP Club, and the Sun City VIP Club which is open to qualified players only. It is here where Dragon Coin, the world's number one Entertainment coin, could thrive by bringing games a range of value-added benefit of three different varieties.

As VIP Gaming stands on its own as one of Dragons, three main pillars, (the others being e-gaming and i-gaming), the vision of the Dragon team was to evolve how VIP / High Rollers access their fund and winnings from playing.

Dragon can dramatically reduce the costs to 0.5% per transaction, with no fees on transfers between the Dragon Social Wallet (a free to use IOS and Android native Dragon Wallet ) and transaction speeds as fast as 1.3 seconds.  With savings on both time, and money, some of the things VIP Gamers care most about, being cut down to the absolute minimum, it is without a doubt that a VIP Gamer would be gladly returning for their next weekend getaway of Baccarat!

And if guests need to relax, The Golden Dragon Spas & Health Clubs have got them covered! Open to be used practically 24/7 throughout the guest's stay, offering massages, saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools. There truly is no wrong time to unwind. Curious to know more about the VIP Gaming industry? Or maybe you’d like to read up on the Dragon Ecosystem a bit more? Be sure to check out our Blog and create some discussion on our Telegram, or just say hi!