The opportunities to use emerging technologies for impact is growing at a breakneck pace. Globally, mobile payments, satellite imagery, 3-D printing, Internet-of-Things (IoT), blockchain and artificial intelligence are being used to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by creating access to financial inclusion, education, renewable energy, healthcare, water and sanitation.

The African continent has massive challenges with transactions and doing business, and the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 will explore how blockchain technology can simplify and streamline systems and processes across various industries. With heavy hitters like Microsoft sponsoring the conference one day is not enough for companies and individuals to investigate using blockchain technology; it begins on 28thFebruary in Johannesburg before moving to Cape Town on 6thMarch.

The conference has been well designed to address the theme of ‘moving Africa forward’ and features workshops and networking opportunities with more than 800 of the industry’s most progressive professionals in finance, utilities, legal and more.  There is an impressively strong line-up of women in the blockchain industry who will be demonstrating and discussing a range of use case and solutions exclusively at the event.

They include;  

·      Loretta Joseph Fintech and Regulatory Consultant to Financial Services Commission Mauritius, Blockchain Advisor at OECD and Fintech Advisor in Bermuda.

·      Charlene ChenCo-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at BitPesa.

·      Michelle NsanzumucoChair of The International Committee/Senior Regional

Advisor (Africa) at the British Blockchain Association (BBA) and Executive Education Lead at University of Surrey Business School, UK.

One of many excellent workshops to check out if you can is called, ‘The State of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies'.  The discussion will centre around the lack of real-world use cases and the challenges around implementing blockchain technology.  As Dragon already have a number of proven use cases, this raises exciting possibilities for using Dragon Coin, the worlds number one entertainment coin in the developing world in the very near future.  

So wherever you are act now and get ready for the future by downloading the free Dragon Social Wallet and make sure you stay informed with the latest developments in blockchain by following our blog. Or why not join the community on Telegram to let us know how you think Dragon Blockchain technology could be used in the developing world.  Dragon are undoubtedly ahead of the game but where else do you think the ‘powered by Dragon’endorsement can be applied?