A Life on the Ocean Wave has been a marching song for the Royal Marines since 1882 and it is a relevant now as it was then. Conquering the oceans, Steve Sparkes and Mick Dawson have rowed 2400 miles and straight into the history books raising money for Blind Veterans UK and The Royal Marines Charity.

Whilst it is a remarkable accomplishment to row 2400 miles in itself, the fact that Steve is blind makes this an almost unimaginable feat of endurance.

Former Royal Marines Commando and Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan has ensured that his company is committed to helping veterans facing visible and not so visible injuries succeed in life outside the military. Paul says,

‘I am not surprised that Mick and Sparky have succeeded in this race as they epitomise everything that a Royal Marine strives to be. They are the embodiment of the commando values; courage, determination, unselfishness, and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.’

Mick and Steve certainly showed what veterans can achieve, and they have showcased their achievements on the international stage even overcoming the worst hurricane seen in years around Hawaii. Battling through turbulent seas Mick and Steve crossed the finish line in their boat Bojangles whose race number is 82 on day 82 of the race. The significance of the number 82, the year that Mick and Steve served as Royal Marines in the Falklands war, is known to every Royal Marine past and present. Finishing on day 82 of the race will further embed the importance of the events of 1982 into the history books.

Paul adds, ‘Mick and Steve have demonstrated that the skills and values gained in the Royal Marines are life long contributing to a unique strength of mind and the ‘can do’ attitude that employers look for in their staff.’

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