Fight fans will have to have to wait to see the Dragon fighter move closer to 100 wins after he lost on a split decision.

It was a tale of mixed fortunes for George Crotty in the Bocksia Memorial Cup competition this week in Hungary.  It began with Dragon ambassador George getting the luck of the draw by earning a bye for the first round.  This came as extremely disappointing news for fight fans eager to see Royal Marine Commando George set about demolishing his next opponent - but not for other competitors who breathed a noticeable sigh of relief at not having to face him.

After spending a day watching from the side-lines and graciously helping his trainer support other boxers get ready for their fights George squared up against Umar Dzambekov from Austria who is slowly building a reputation for himself in this weight division. It was an explosive encounter with Dzambekov exploiting his reach advantage, and George unleashing powerful punches while showing his dynamic versatility as he improvised and adapted his tactics throughout the fight.    

British Light Heavyweight Champion George fought well but it wasn’t his day he said: “it wasn’t my day out here in Hungary today, I lost on a 3-2 split to a good fighter. I thought I’d done enough to win it - but that’s boxing. I’ll be back in the gym next week and working on putting it right, ready for the next competition.”

Such fast paced developments are why you should bookmark our blog to keep up to date with George’s progress through competition and to see how Dragon continue to support charities and other professional athletes.

Georges desire to constantly improve echoes the sentiment of one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mohammed Ali who famously said: ‘you can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe your face and keep going.’

George went on to thank Dragon for their continued support and if you are one of our 6000+ twitter followers click here to post a message why not post a message of encouragement for George today,  follow him on his remarkable journey to 100 wins and also to discover what else Dragon are doing.

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