Reputations are built in the ring.  

The walk from the dressing room through the raucous roar of the crowd seems to take an eternity and when you slide through the ropes into the ring time slows further.  

The crowd are still there, but you don’t hear them anymore, you are focussed on one thing - your opponent.  

You are focused, you have a plan, but you know that goes out of the window as soon as punches are thrown.  It’s unbearably hot under the bright lights.  Sweat stings your eyes.  The bell rings… reputations are built in the ring.  

This precisely what Royal Marine Commando and British Champion George Crotty thrives on, taking the fight to his opponent and destroying their reputations.  George is certainly no stranger to adversity after completing 32 weeks of arduous Commando training to earn the green beret becoming a member of this elite fighting force.

George boxes in the Bocksia Memorial Cup in Hungary on Wednesday 6th February, an extremely competitive tournament which puts the best fighters from all over Europe and Russia into the mix.  

George said, ‘there will be lots of countries going there as it’s the first competition in the new year and everyone will want the title.'   Being competitive is something that motivates George, and as a Royal Marine, he has shown his expertise to improvise, adapt and overcome his opponents in the ring.

British Champion George is feeling great and looking extremely powerful following his fight camp in and is looking forward to finding out who he fights first. Boxers from Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, Italy and Sweden will be in the draw.

Dragon Ambassador George goes into the competition with an outstanding record of 9 national and 3 British championships, and he is relishing the prospect of defeating whoever is in front of him to add to his 92 wins.

Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan is a former Royal Marine Commando and is delighted to continue to support George; he said, ‘His attitude and positive mindset is inspirational, George is a supreme professional and role model to Royal Marines, the Armed forces and boxers worldwide everywhere.  The team at Dragon and no doubt Royal Marines will be cheering him on no matter where in the world they are deployed.'  

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