Royal Marine Commando George Crotty retained his Light-Heavyweight Championship at the GB Boxing Championships in Sheffield.

George won the belt at last year’s event against Harry Woods and defended the title against Patrick Allen-Cripps (ENG).

George was unanimously crowned the winner in the ‘Battle of Britain’ after an impressive three rounds of boxing.

The Dragon fighter took the first round and landed some big shots including a vicious left hook that shook Allen-Cripps.

However, with the GB title to box for Allen-Cripps took the fight to George who defended well with some very quick footwork to avoid any big punches.

Allen-Cripps knew he had to impress the judges and went all out trying to land a big punch to get steal the win, but George kept him at bay with a flurry of swift jabs.

In the end George’s hand was raised thanks to a unanimous decision from the judges to keep his GB title and clock up his 92nd win – keeping the prospect of fighting in the 2020 Olympics very much alive.

George thanked the continued support from Dragon as he looks forward to moving closer to 100 wins in the next year.