Dragon, the world’s number one entertainment coin is very excited by the recent positive news that Atletico Madrid is adding their names to the list of sports teams embracing the 4th industrial revolution, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.  Dragon applaud Atletico Madrid for introducing new ways to bring value and passion to the beautiful game.  Let’s kick off with a little background on how the club is bringing innovation to their fanbase.  The Spanish giants are introducing new ways for fan engagement by introducing a club token that grants voting rights with tokenized polls as well as acting as a payment tool for merchandise or ticket purchasing.

The Dragon team continues to work closely with the sports and entertainment industries as part of the growth and support strategy for traditional business looking to evolve their industry through the introduction of blockchain technology.  For those of you who are football fans this is great news but if you support multiple teams across multiple sports you may have to purchase numerous tokens take part, what is needed is a more versatile token and ecosystem.  Enter the Dragon (coin) - if the sporting world adopted Dragon Coin into their existing business ecosystems, fans could travel anywhere in the world, paying for their tickets, merchandise, and even food and drink with the free Dragon Social Wallet, as well as transacting between different types of sports and teams. A perfect bridge between the blockchain and diverse sporting industry.

Dragon take the lead by bringing low cost transaction fees regardless of whether the purchase is done within the country or across borders, and that makes it a win-win situation for both the football club and the fans.  It is amazing to see how much blockchain and digital currencies have achieved since their inception, and these sports clubs are creating a paradigm shift in the sports industry with their adoption of the technology to aid the business side of the industry.

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