Save our Soldier have recently updated their website, and it is jam-packed full of useful information ranging from a multitude of helpful articles to providing phone numbers to speak to somebody about PTSI.

The SOS team is going from strength to strength and following on from the success of their single ‘Saved a Soldier' which was a contender for Christmas charity single of the year they are now able to accept digital currency donations!

Dragon has been providing consultancy services to several charities worldwide with a key focus on veterans related charities. Within the UK, Save our Soldier (SOS) takes the lead and we are incredibly pleased to announce that SOS has become the first military charity who are able to accept digital currency donations.

This development and implementation of Dragon Blockchain technology is set to provide a convenient, alternative method of donation for members of the public and is set to further evolve the charity industry - so help can rightly be given to the people who need it the most.

The team at Dragon have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to streamline the process of receiving donations and to then ensure that the technology has been rigorously tested and completely fit for purpose in today's fast-paced world.

Supporting charitable ventures is something that Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan is passionate about and, as a former Royal Marine Commando with combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, he is especially honoured to be consulting with SOS.

Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge, Scotland. Photo by Alan Howe

Dragon has already seen widespread adoption of Dragon Coin (DRG), the world’s number one entertainment coin, and have already put its underlying technology through its paces in a live event. As well as being able to donate Dragon Coin (DRG) people can donate Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Ripple(XRP) with more methods coming soon.

The SOS website allows donors to quickly and easily send money by scanning a QR code on the website with their mobile phones which have the easy-to-use Dragon Social Wallet downloaded and installed from their app store. Once a donation has been made,the details of it are recorded in an unchanging digital ledger or ‘block’ which is completely visible to the public thereby reassuring the donor that the funds are without a doubt going to the veterans who need them quickly and securely.

The success of the Dragon consultancy with SOS has not gone unnoticed and has seen several other charities seek out the services of Dragon to introduce the same processes into their organisations.  Key alliances have been formed with these charities as Dragon sets out to simplify the process of donations by providing truly ground-breaking solutions.  Make sure you follow the progress of SOS as they become the first military charity to integrate digital currency donations into their website and broader ecosystem.