Expertly hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs every autumn, the New Economy-themed Global Blockchain Summit is one of the biggest upscale blockchain events globally and made history in 2015 after becoming the very first public blockchain event in China.  

The event has grown from strength to strength in spectacular fashion year on year and has become a firm favourite for people at all levels within the Blockchain industry. In 2016, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and the Ethereum Foundation hosted a joint six-day Shanghai Blockchain Week, which was jam packed with amazing attractions including DevCon2, Demo Day, and of course the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit. With more than 1000 speakers, participants flocked to the summit from around the world to engage with thought leaders and to rub shoulders with industry movers and shakers such as Vitalik Buterin and Sandra Ro, Executive Director of CME.  With speakers of this outstanding calibre it was this event that immediately stimulated new innovation and propelled the status of the blockchain industry in China to bright new heights making the world take notice.

2017 saw the 3rd Global Blockchain Summit titled, “Blockchain New Economy: Breaking Dawn” being hosted at luxury boutique W hotel in Shanghai.  

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With this stunning luxury venue as a backdrop and with the foundations of success firmly in place after the previous year’s events, once again thousands of people headed to Shanghai to engage with iconic world-renowned speakers such as Feng Xiao, VC of China Wanxiang Holdings and Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Founder, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs Chief Scientist who shared their unique thoughts and insights on the future trends of blockchain technology.

Paul Moynan, visionary CEO of Dragon: “As our versatile Dragon Coin is an ERC-20 token it is great to see the founder of the Ethereum blockchain taking an such an active role in events such as these.  Vitalik is a true pioneer whose innovation has allowed Dragon to bring innovation and unlock the value of blockchain technology for a staggering range of future applications.”

Last year’s Shanghai International Blockchain Week was bigger than ever and the summit theme of ‘Blockchain New Economy: Tech Exploration’ was expertly realised is some style.  The summit included a Hackathon which brought together over 100 of the brightest minds in programming and development from around the world.  The Hackathon was a spectacular success drawing in large crowds to witness amazing innovation and ideas come to fruition as part of a tough competition which had a tight timeframe.

Once again Vitalik Buterin was on hand, taking a hands-on approach and was extremely generous with this time, engaging with the community whenever time allowed.  Wanxiang Blockchain Labs again created a top-quality agenda packed with experts from various industries who delighted the crowds by sharing their insights on technological empowerment through blockchain technology.

The 2019 Shanghai International Blockchain Week begins with a Demo Day on 16th September where 50 excellent blockchain startups and projects will be showcased providing a unique opportunity to understand the promise and potential values of blockchain technology.  The Dragon Blog will provide full coverage of this years summit which promises to be bigger than ever, all you need to do is click here to stay on top of the news.