The recent 2nd annual Scandinavian Gaming Show was hosted with typical Scandinavian excellence at the luxurious Radisson Blue Scandinavia Hotel situated by the beautiful Stradsgraven canal in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Scandinavian Gaming Show had a primary objective of developing a safe, regulated and responsible gaming environment in Denmark, in addition to opening up the market to game-changing technological innovations.  

The online gaming industry across all of the Scandinavian jurisdictions is gaining momentum at a great pace. Q2 figures from 2019 for the Denmark region for online gaming are up a staggering 18% compared to statistics in Q2 of 2018, providing $93,820,588,00 in revenue for the country.  Through the adoption of the Dragon Ecosystem, any transactional fees associated with the $93 million in revenue would be dramatically reduced to a phenomenally low 0.5%.  This is amazing but that’s not all.  If companies make the Dragon Social Wallet (DSW) an integral part of their strategy DSW to DSW transactions happen near instantly and cost 0.0%.

The show was superbly organised and had an extensive list of distinguished expert speakers and regional experts with the MD of the Danish Online Gambling Association, Morten Ronde kicking off the keynote addresses by discussing Denmark’s Gaming Code and possible future changes. More of the distinguished guest speakers were Alex lliopoulos, Senior Product Manager of International Compliance Strategy at Betfair, Chris Kronow Rasmussen, Senior Risk Officer Danske Bank and Carl Fredrik Stenstrom, General Secretary Norwegian Industry Association for Online Gambling at NBO.

Dragon CEO Paul Moynan commented that, "the 34 speakers in attendance at the Scandinavian Gaming Show were top quality and really delivered on what is needed in today's crypto space.  Across the fully loaded agenda, the in-depth discussion on the future of gaming legislation within the Scandinavian region was expertly explored."

The second day was equally as busy.  It began with detailed discussions around how companies can best handle technical compliance in both Denmark and Sweden before moving swiftly onto the current requirements of KYC and AML.  These were analysed in great detail with attendees happily leaving much more informed on how they can adopt the procedures into their ecosystems.  As ever, security is at the top of the agenda with Dragon.  With the backdrop of ever-changing requirements, Dragon has taken the lead by applying the latest industry standards for KYC and AML throughout their ecosystems.  The Dragon team have enhanced the functionality of the Dragon Social Wallet (DSW), which is free to download from here, so users can become verified directly within the app.  This is a fantastic enhancement to an already fantastic product which now also allows Digital Nomads to achieve verification regardless of which country they are currently in.  Combined with the extremely user-friendly Dragon Exchange, the Dragon Social Wallet allows near-instant transactions with low fees of 0.5%, and on top of that, all DSW to DSW transfers are free.  If you haven't done so already, take a moment to sign up on the Dragon Exchange, download the Dragon Social Wallet, then find about more on the Dragon Ecosystem by catching up with the latest articles on the Dragon Blog.