It's that time again. The summer season is tantalisingly close, and the Ibiza floodgates will soon be flung open to welcome in the finest DJs and parties in the world!

The White Isle is well known for its hot weather, but the temperature went up a notch or two when Zaria Muñoz turned up the heat to sizzling levels at her exclusive Yokubo Club party on Saturday!  Zaria’s ‘We Rule Ibiza’ events take party goers on an exquisite musical adventure and put top quality MC’s such as Don Kino and Ross Elvar, who recently dropped one of the hottest anthems of this summer, front and centre.

After cementing its reputation as the VIP place to be on the party island of Ibiza and, just when you think things couldn’t get any better; Dragon Ambassador Zaira unleashed the amazingly talented DJ Cox who is rapidly gaining a reputation for his MC sets that are sure to tear up dancefloors across the island and beyond.

The Dragon Music ambassadors have been busy this month with Motoe Haus taking time out of his rammed schedule to give something back to charity to help raise money for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Southern California.

Saturday 29thof June sees fellow Dragon Ambassador Irregular Live performing at Hotel 82 as part of their 7th anniversary celebrations, the event created and promoted by the exceptionally talented Sr Wolf and Powered by Dragon, is expected sell-out as soon as tickets are released.

Blockchain innovation is set to herald a new wave of opportunities for all stakeholders in media-content distribution and its already happening.  Two-time Grammy winner Imogen Heap released her song Tiny Human on the Ethereum platform, and then used a smart contract payment system to pay ordinary audience members a portion of the royalties made from the sales.  Heap, who has worked with Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, is just one of the many artists seeing the benefits of using blockchain innovation such as Björk who integrated blockchain into her “Utopia” album.

Meanwhile in the USA, the potential of blockchain has caught the imagination of academics and musicians alike with the non-profit Open Music Initiative are looking to establish an open source protocol for the identification of music rights holders and creators.

So regardless of the direction the music industry takes now is the time to get ready- combine Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin with the free Dragon Social Wallet and get set to enter the exciting world of digital currencies as Dragon continues to evolve the entertainment industry.