The Essex based artist, San B, famously known for his works utilising Swarovski Crystals to create literally, anything to everything from clothes to stunning portraits. San B is a fantastic artist who has been driving innovation through the adoption of Blockchain as a Dragon Art Ambassador.

The Dragon Art website has brought collectors and art enthusiasts together and offers the tantalising opportunity to bring artworks to the Blockchain. The potential to accept payments in the form of Dragon Coin, the world's number entertainment coin at exhibitions and online opens up new markets worldwide for San B and the growing list of Dragon Art Ambassadors.

Starting his career as a fashion designer, San B designed clothes for celebrities incorporating crystalised works of artistry through his signature crystal-styled clothing. Artists Like Bruno Mars and Hip-Hop supergroup Wu Tan Clan were seen on stage proudly wearing San B's works in the past.

'I love to see my work come alive, and the feeling it gives my audience and the responses I get inspire me to push the boundaries even higher, wanting to hypnotise my crowd further. It is important to me I capture the identities of my subjects as people can relate to the person or image.' - San B.

Fresh off the heels of the DaVinci Fine Art Autumn Exhibit, where San B showed off notable works made from Swarovski Crystals, varying from portraits, to logos and even badges. The Dragon Art Ambassador shows no signs of slowing down as he continues with his streak of exhibition works at his very own, SOLO Exhibition at Malmaison Mailbox, Birmingham. The exhibit has been ongoing for six weeks straight since the 10th of September and will be coming to an end on the 26th of October.

San B is a keen advocate of charitable ventures and has played a big part in raising money for charity in the past, which has amounted to a phenomenal amount of £200,000. A significant amount of funds raised can be directly attributed to beautiful art pieces by San B which were auctioned off, as well as other pieces being showcased.

As we gear closer towards the end of his SOLO Exhibition, we can anticipate a significant reveal by the artist himself. As stated on his Facebook page recently, we can expect an announcement from San B to divulge what will be a "very special line up for Thursday's event."

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