Sal Ponce Enrile, a fantastic Dragon Art Ambassador and former influential political figure in the Philippines, has been amongst 24 other incredible artists showcasing her magnificent works this past weekend at the "Fusing Contemporary Opposites" exhibit at the prestigious Galleria Rossocinabro in Rome, Italy.

Sal started her career in politics in 2007 as representative of the 1st district of Cagayan in the Philippines Congress, where she served for three years following which time she worked for six years as a legislator in the Philippines. Although Sal had no formal training in the field of art, the passion and love she brings to her paintings rapidly made her a notable presence in the art scene. With just one look at each of her pieces, it is hard to ignore her love for abstract works that encapsulate a sense of Controlled Chaos with Vibrant, provocative, and Colorful pieces.

A dear friend to Dragon CEO, Paul Moynan, Sal Ponce Enrile, was one of the original Dragon Art Ambassadors, a group of amazingly talented artists which continues to grow producing sublime work for the viewer's pleasure.  Sal's political background opened her eyes to the real challenges people in extreme poverty are facing daily. She stated that she had met many kind and generous people that's given her a unique outlook on the world. This is mostly the reason for Sal wanting to help out and to enhance the lives of others through her art. She now plans to resume her advocacy for better health and education by creating a foundation that benefits from all of her future art exhibits.

Flourish - Utilizing the concept of blossoming, Sal incorporates shades of blue and violet with fluid brushstrokes adding a depth of liveliness to the flowers, almost as if they were in motion. She wanted to incapsulate the coming together of wild colours while at the same time have them growing in various directions. Taking inspiration from our cerulean seas, Sal wanted to go beyond the easily imagined light-hued petals that bask in the sunlight.
Humanity - In Humanity, we see Sal further her love for art by diving into various artistic muses- from floral patterns, abstract shapes, and portraits of people. With this portrait in particular being of her self, we see the subject glancing toward the abyss. This hauntingly beautiful piece reminds us of the artist having her eyes opened to the real challenges of people in extreme poverty, as stated earlier on in this written up. This unearthly piece summarizes her worldly experience and sends the viewer on an imaginative journey through the surroundings of the subject.
Embolden - In her Embolden series, Sal employs the use of bold and thick strokes while experimenting with textures that would typically be brought about with the use of mixed media. Using the colour blue and the shades of it, it is not hard for your mind to wander to a wave of oceans colliding together in a chaotic yet controlled canvas.

Sal will be in Miami from the 4th – 8th of December for another excellent exhibit at Red Dot Art Fair in Miami. Be sure to check back in on the Dragon Blog and follow us on our social mediums Facebook and Twitter for the latest happenings around the entertainment sphere and the Blockchain revolution.