The world of cryptocurrency is always bustling with diverse activities; every day, we learn new information on the latest developments in the crypto world.  What this invariably means that the blockchain and crypto movement is amazingly progressive and continues to pave the way for the creation of amazing innovations.  

Even the harshest of sceptics cannot ignore the fact that after ten years, the industry grows ever stronger, and it does not look like this growth will slow anytime soon.

Last month a report from the Wall Street Journal indicated that the next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was tapping into the cryptocurrency trend.  Reportedly it is to be equiped with software to support blockchain apps and a digital currency wallet.  It is anticipated that Kakao Corporation will be issuing its tokens, known as KLAY coins to users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and some of the newer Samsung phones.

While Samsung gives it users a push towards adopting digital currencies, companies like Telx, have created the first Crypto Sim Card wallet and larger companies such as BitMinutes who provide microloans backed by prepaid minutes.

This is a great marketing move by Samsung; however, there are already much more mature offerings out there.  An alternative that can be used on any phone is the Dragon Social Wallet (DSW), a versatile and free to app that allows users to purchase Dragon Coin (DRG), a token used throughout the soon to launch Dragon Ecosystem.

Dragon offers the ultimate convenience for users by providing frictionless, lowcost transactions.  And, with the range of stand-alone Dragon verticals increasing, the opportunities are virtually endless when utilising Dragon Coin.

Samsung is a popular brand worldwide, and the integration of a cryptocurrency wallet will undoubtedly attract more users into the crypto community.  And, once there is a critical mass, mainstream adoption will surely follow.

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