When Bitcoin was introduced to the public, it was perhaps understandably met with a lot of criticism. It certainly faced some challenges; however, those who were brave enough to invest in it when it was still in its early stages, were rewarded when the value of the coin rose beyond everybody’s expectations and may well top $10,000 per coin in the near future. And now with 17 million Bitcoins in existence and only 4 million left to mine, the $10,000 figure might be a tad on the conservative side.

It is interesting to see that a lot of businesses and companies have begun to accept the use of Bitcoin for business transactions. In a recent development, PwC Luxembourg, part of PwC who operate from 700 locations in 157 countries, made it known to the public that it had made plans and was putting everything in place to begin accepting Bitcoin payments starting from October.  According to the organization, the decision to integrate Bitcoin payments into their business model is based on its drive to ensure that they pay attention to the needs of their esteemed clients, and also to help the cryptocurrency industry reach its goal of mainstream adoption. Several benefits come from this initiative, and the adoption of Bitcoin payments is indicative of the fact that PwC intends not to be left behind in the integration of emerging technologies that are relevant to the business's operations.

Furthermore, by integrating the use of Bitcoin into its payment system, users are assured that their transactions are safe because the Bitcoin blockchain is secure, and transactions can happen effectively and efficiently for customers from any part of the world.   Additionally, there is an increased speed of transactions with Bitcoin, and the customers do not need to concern themselves with the exorbitant fees that the traditional methods of payment attract, especially when carrying out cross-border transactions.

A cheaper and faster alternative, however, might be seen with Dragon Coin, the world’s number one Entertainment coin which as low transaction costs of 0.5% (fee-free if transferred within the native Dragon Social Wallet) and transfers happening lightning fast.  Compared to Bitcoin, which may take hours, if not days for a transfer to go through at an exponentially higher rate. Dragon facilitates convenience to its customers through a seamless payment gateway that connects directly to the ever-evolving Dragon Ecosystem — made up of the three pillars, VIP Gaming, iGaming and eGaming as well as many more vertical markets.

The auditing firm is positive about this new move and is confident about the fact that it would pave the way for more significant investment opportunities for both the firm and the customers. Their adoption of crypto payments is a plus to the firm's reputation, as it has continued to maintain its commitment to the needs of the clients.

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