Over 19,000 people registered for this event in 2019 and the 2020 edition is shaping up to be bigger than ever. This summit kicked off on 13th of February 2020 and will have some of the most respected individuals in the industry in attendance. It will feature a great range of meetups, touring opportunities, access to accelerators, and an opportunity to interact and network with others. This will offer all in attendance a superb opportunity to meet new people as well as form new strategic partnerships that will be beneficial to all in attendance and the industry at large.

Already identified as one of the talked about events to hold in February 2020, Dragon co-founder, Paul Moynan said,

“this is a great event happening in the ‘Innovation Nation’ which is well designed to ensure that everyone stays up to date with industry trends. This event will give delegates an insight into the start-up world with exclusive exposure to some of the best cutting-edge technologies and innovations.’  Entrepreneurs, as well as corporate leaders, will be on hand to educate people on the importance of start-ups and how they can change the world.

To discuss these pertinent issues, the developers of this event have invited some of the brightest minds in the industry to hold a range of stimulating panel discussions and workshops. Notable key speakers include the author of Thinking Fast and Slow, Dr Daniel Kahneman,  Laureate and a Behavioral Economist and President of SoftBank Holdings, Ron Fisher.

With the number of technological advancements being exploited by a growing number of start-ups in the industry, you could say that the sky is the limit.

If you want to know more about these start-ups the blockchain technology, head over to the Dragon Blog right now.