We are looking forward to the Dragon eco-system going live once the soft launch begins which will also see Dragon Art come alive across the globe in spectacular fashion – in the meantime we welcome another fabulous Dragon Art Ambassador.

The fantastic British artist Felix Price has traveled the world, lived with tribes, taken part in spiritual ceremonies and sold art to the handsome sum of $10,000!  Felix, initially a student of the famous Slade School of Art is renowned for his self-expressing artworks often using the graffiti style, but it was on his trip to India when he discovered his deep connection and liking for the natural and spiritual world which has made a long-lasting impression on him.  Felix is also a skilled yoga teacher delivering fun, flowing sessions combining stretching, strengthening, breathing, meditative sessions for healing and overall wellbeing in London, check out his availability and sign up for a great session.

Felix has journeyed to many countries, lived with different tribes and attended over 100 plant medicine ceremonies to deepen his understanding of the connection between the natural and spiritual world. He openly expresses his visions in the form of unique art masterpieces, which have been bought by private collectors as well as being auctioned for $10,000. When Felix creates his art, he, 'allows space for his subconscious to express through artistic meditation exercises and rituals' allowing him to create his unique Calligraffiti.

Dragon Art is delighted to welcome Felix into the fold of the growing number of Dragon Art Ambassadors. Felix's natural curiosity led him to explore the possibilities of blockchain in the artwork industry. Once he saw the outstanding calibre of existing artists such as Bill Mack, Sal Ponce Enrile and Brain Travers of UB40, he naturally gravitated to Dragon.  Many artists are now exploiting technology to create some impressive digital art pieces, examples of which you can see in Dragon Ambassador Suzanne Barton’s underwater photography or Maya Elsa’s mixed media work.

One of the major loopholes in the security of digital art is that it can easily be copied/ replicated by another person and distributed without the consent of the original creator.  Blockchain can be used to let the creators register their digital artworks on the platform and make a proof of ownership. This method can also be used for physical canvas art pieces to ensure the security of the art.  Many people invest in art, but there are many more ready to do so, but they have concerns about the authenticity of the art piece they’re investing in. Platforms like Dragon Art are now using the blockchain to help artists like Felix secure their artwork and prevent anyone from replicating and distributing it without the permission of the creator.

Whenever a collector buys any artwork from an artist, the transaction would be stored on the public ledger with a timestamp; this gives the collector a sense of authenticity and satisfaction. Art theft can also be prevented by asking for a verifiable history of owning the art piece before buying it.  Come on over to Dragon Art to see the fantastic range of hand-picked world-class artists and to exploring how Dragon Blockchain Technology is evolving the industry and making artwork secure and immune to copying.