Friday saw Dragon Music Ambassador Motoe Haus perform yet again at the DECO warehouse music experience, at A SECRET WAREHOUSE in Downtown Los Angeles. Motoe Haus has performed at the DECO event in the past which we covered on the Dragon Blog here. Motoe Haus, however, is not the only artist utilising the EAW banging sound system to its fullest potential.

The five other DJ's lined up to electrify the room are the immensely talented King Felix, Jaime Narvaez, Liquorbox, Madison Orange and Wh1ch House. The adventure ran for eight riveting hours with attendees getting lost in the exceptional music quality from 10 pm to 6 am.

On top of the main room, the DECO event also offers attendees a second experience with a silent disco featuring DJ Operator, Sonny Golden and Switch.

Motoe Haus' Haustronaut label sees the release of Nors Kode and Anders Ponsaing's new track 'Green Monster'. A track that takes you on a raw and hard-hitting journey with it building up layer after layer, showcasing the artists skills using various percussive elements throughout the track. The track is available exclusively to stream on Spotify and Beatport

Motoe Haus shares Dragons vision that the music industry is ready for blockchain adoption. Blockchain adoption would disrupt the current status-quo of the music industry. Blockchain solutions would simplify the whole process of distributing music for artists as a distributed ledger allows for direct distribution of songs and money to artists cutting out intermediaries, saving billions for the $30 billion industry.

The future of the music industry and the tidal wave of positive change that is to come is explained in more detail on the Dragon Blog here.

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