The best-selling book by Steven Samblis - '1 Habit: 100 Habits from the World’s Happiest Achievers’ details the driving forces behind numerous individuals sustained successes over the years, and continually catches the eyes of potential buyers who are looking to enhance their lives. The book presents 100 separate, yet crucial habits from 100 distinct individuals across several industries, including one of our own Dragon Music ambassadors, Motoe Haus.

From his well-respected early works in the late 1990’s to his illustrious releases over the last decade in techno, Motoe has negotiated numerous musical genres to accumulate his vast skill set which has seen him become an accomplished producer and a world-renown DJ. It is not surprising to see the dragon ambassador featured in Steven’s book.

While Motoe is predominantly known for ripping up dance floors in Ibiza as a headline resident, his business acumen and drive for reform in the industry via his philanthropically fuelled obligations also do not go unnoticed. Motoe has influenced major shifts in the market with his Pangea white-paper document outlining the blueprint of the musical dance world, as well as heading the 50/50 record label contract model prominent in today’s music industry, which has provided many recording artists with a fair record deal.

Avid readers of our blog will also know that Motoe Haus shares the same vision of utilising blockchain innovation to evolve the music industry as Dragon CEO Paul Moynan. The broader application of blockchain technology within the music industry would signal a momentous shift from the widely conformed and current nature of the industry, that still often short-changes and takes advantage of many talented artists. The decentralised nature of blockchain transactions would not only cut out the middleman providing artists with a fairer reward for their labour, but it would also offer many other benefits such as speeding up and simplifying cross-boarder payments, while also making remittance payments more affordable.

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