Since its inception, Money2020 has become arguably the largest payment and financial service focused event in the continent. Scheduled to run from the 27 to 30th of October in Las Vegas, USA. This edition of Money2020 like the others will focus predominantly on financial service platforms for connected commerce. The 4th edition of this prestigious event will focus on the disruptive technologies through which businesses and consumers spend and borrow money.

This event will bring together over 10,000 attendees from the financial service, banking, and the fintech industry. Aside from the fact that this event will discuss some of the technologies that can be adopted to make the industry efficient, it will offer all in attendance an opportunity to network and develop partnerships. Fintech companies will be looking to enter into partnerships with banks to help them provide a better, more efficient service, while Dragon provides an ecosystem which offers a robust alternative to traditional methods weighed down with legacy challenges.  It has been a long term goal of Dragon CEO, Paul Moynan, to support the development and growth of remittance systems while capitalising on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the massive benefits of Blockchain.

With over 500 speakers arranged for this event, this year's edition of Money2020 will definitely help all in the banking industry. One of these speakers is Drew Edward, who is currently the CEO at Ingo Money Inc. Drew's talk will focus on some of the problems businesses face when it comes to dealing with commerce. President CEO Designee at PayPal, Dan Schulman will also be one of the guest speakers in this event. His talk will focus primarily on how businesses, financial service platforms, and investors can help in the adoption and use of advanced technologies. This talk will aim to encourage all players in the industry to move for the adoption of these technologies. Delivering one of the concluding discussions of this event is Howard Curtis, Director of Marketing at Mapco Express. His talk will focus on how retailers and SME's can help offer their consumers better service.

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