The Missouri Hemp Conference takes place each summer in Columba, Missouri intending to expand the resources of Agricultural Hemp to benefit processors, manufacturers and investors.

The conference, organized by the Missouri Hemp Association LLC, covers from “Seed to Sale” during a jam-packed full-day program. World-renowned conference sponsors have included AgTeamPro, Kimitech,, HempWorx CBD, and Premium Waters Inc.

Event Executive Director Dale Ludwig scoured the globe for the last event to find hemp experts on everything from genetics, crop nutrition, CBD production, industrial fiber and seed production.  He said: '"We looked across the globe to find the best people we could find for this conference and we have speakers from all over the U.S., as well as speakers from Canada and Europe.”’

Paul Moynan, CEO of Dragon recognises the great wealth of knowledge within the industry commenting: “as well as bringing in a Scientific Research Board of professional researchers and scientists, the Missouri Hemp Association is a fantastic example of an event that has created a culture that fosters entrepreneurship for growing and marketing hemp.”

Conferences such as these reinforce and showcase possible uses for hemp products to be used in industry, but it pales in comparison to the massive potential of areas such as the Heilongjiang Province in NorthEast China.  As well as industrial uses, the Heilongjiang Province has tremendous potential to develop medical applications of hemp.  With the recent event in the Province seeing stem cell treatment pioneer Philip Gu taking centre stage the importance of the region cannot be understated.

Dragons evolution of the Entertainment industry is gaining traction and continues to progress at a rapid rate of knots with their R&D department investigating exciting developments in stem cell research and use cases for cannabis/hemp for medical and beauty treatments to bring about an evolution of the wellness industry.

Hemp-based industrial materials could see mass adoption across the wide-ranging sport and entertainment sectors.

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