Like the thought of pocketing a cool $5 million?  This is what the ante is at the MILLIONS UK 2020, the premier tournament for poker lovers. It’s in full swing now and runs up to 12th January so if you want to catch up on the action just check out the current schedule right now. As well as this MILLIONS offer the possibility to get in on the action online through their satellites. MILLIONS encourage you to go further and become part of an exciting gaming community benefitting from special offers as well as being able to watch 24x7 poker videos.

There's no denying that gaming is enjoyable, and it's fascinating to watch the strategies unfold throughout a tournament.  With the full power of the Dragon ecosystem coming online in Q1 of this year, VIP Gamer's will have access to their superbly designed systems, allowing them to play in any Dragon Junket.  Dragon's vision for the evolution of the entertainment industry is breath-taking, and users have easy access to the two coin system of Dragon’s digital currency (DRG) as well as the non-negotiable Dragon Global Chips which are used exclusively within Dragon junkets.

The conversion of DRG to DGC and the secure management of funds happens in the fantastic Dragon Social Wallet.  It's innovative features provide a complete package to cater for VIP Gamers and general users alike and is available free now on the Apple and Android app stores.

With such powerful functionality in the palm of your hand, you can certainly feel confident to explore the use of DRG on iGaming platforms as they come online in due course from wherever you are in the world.  2020 marks the start of a new decade of outstanding possibilities, and as you know, Dragon will keep you up to date with the latest news so keep in touch and share your thoughts on Dragon’s Facebook and Twitter channels.