Scheduled to run from 1st to 4th of November, the Manila Open Poker Tour is held at the stunning Okada Manila in the Philippines and will have in attendance some of the top poker players in the world. The organizers of this event have designed it to feature nine different games with the main event of this tour occurring over five legs with a buy-in of a cool  ₱50,000 (almost $1000) and a top prize of nearly $200,000.  The amount is not to be sniffed at. Still, it pales in comparison to the $10 million top prize bagged by Hossein Ensan at the 50th-anniversary WSOP event earlier this year – and even this is trumped by the breath-taking bets of $500, 000 placed on a single hand in Singapore (although this was in a junket).

As you can see in the event guide here, the poker tour kicks off at precisely noon with the main event beginning at 6 pm. The theme for this opening event is "No-Limit Hold'em", where we are sure to see some of the world’s top poker players enjoying the serene ambience of the Okada Manila but rest assured, the main event will be an intense affair that all in attendance will enjoy.

Another thrilling event to be on the lookout for is "Bounty" on the final day which has a buy-in fixed at ₱20,000 and an additional ₱3,000. The Manila event is renowned for the friendly atmosphere, which allows excellent interaction away from the tables where people share ideas, information, and business cards that could give birth to great partnerships. It is an important event that everyone with a passion for Poker should attend.

It will be interesting to see what 2020 brings to the table, with Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp indicating that gross gaming revenue generated by the country’s VIP junket segment showed a 24.5% year-on-year increase to end the year at $995.4 million this is definitely a region to watch.  Stay tuned for reports on gaming happening around the world right here on the Dragon Blog.