Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson denies involvment in launching Fight to Fame - a new entertainment platform that hopes to boost fighters with the help of blockchain technology.

Image Credit: Fight to Fame

Mike Tyson is a legendary name in boxing. However, many do not know about Tyson’s business acumen and what he has done post boxing. Tyson has invested his money into two major emerging markets.  Firstly the eGaming industry with the team Fade 2 Karma, who compete in Blizzard's card game Hearthstone. eGaming is one of the 3 Dragon pillars, and you can read more about its place in the Dragon ecosystem here. Tyson also owns his own medical marijuana company called Tyson Ranch, which attracts over 200,000 followers on Instagram, marking him as a significant player in this emerging multi-billion dollar industry.

Recent press coverage of an exclusive interview with VentureBeat claims that Tyson is acting Founder and Chairman of a new entertainment business Fight to Fame.  Fight to Fame aims to become a new entertainment platform with the overriding goal to support fighters by exploiting the excellent benefits brought about through the use of blockchain technology.  

Tyson took to Twitter to deny any involvement in the project as you can see below;

The platform wants to create its own digital currency

Since hanging up his gloves, Tyson has been incredibly vocal about the mass of intermediaries involved in the boxing world taking cuts from a fighter's paycheck. However, they are not alone.  

UFC fighters reportedly only receive as little as 15% of their winnings after fees have been taken.  This key statistic is one that acting CEO of Fight to Fame Farzam Kamalabadi explicitly expressed in his interview with VentureBeat. There are many correlations between the mass of intermediaries taking money from fighters, and in fact, this is common practice in many industries right down to a personal level in musicians, for example. And this is just one of the many areas Dragon Blockchain Innovation can be used, read about what Dragon is doing to tackle the a similar problem facing the music industry here.

Fight to Fame will help fighters keep more of their money and allow them to become more influential on their way to becoming superstars. The company plans to help fighters gain recognition through a combination of social media, TV, film, video games, live matches and betting. All these factors will be kept together using blockchain technology and a distributed ledger. The business has Tim Smithe, a two-time Emmy winner running television production for the athletes previously employed by ESPN and Stan Larimer onboard as businesses blockchain expert and advisor.

Tim Smythe is chairman of global operations at Fight to Fame Image Credit:Fight to Fame

Dragon has an excellent existing track record in utilising blockchain technology in helping fighters to achieve greater heights in their career. This has been well documented on the Dragon Blog with articles on Dragon Ambassador and Royal Marine George Crotty receiving the support of Dragon in his quest to compete in the 2020 Olympics.  Furthermore, Dragon has also supported a range of professional fighters including the ever-popular Sean O'Connell who scooped the $1 million prize in the PFL world series back in January.  Professional Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts are part of one of several vertical markets in which Dragon are active.

Dragon Ambassador and PFL Champion Sean O'Connell

Mike Tysons continued presence in the blockchain space with the specific intention of supporting fighters with the use of blockchain technology is fantastic news.

Dragon Blockchain Technology has formed the bedrock for fighters to benefit from the use of blockchain innovation for some time now.   But regardless of if you never set foot in the ring, you can still benefit from Dragon Blockchain Innovation by grabbing the fighting fit Dragon Social Wallet.  

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