In the heart of Great Britain’s capital the Innovation Summit Europe, one of the most innovative events in the digital and tech industry is running today.  200 top class leaders from Fortune 500 companies, corporate entrepreneurs, policymakers and innovation directors from across Europe are gathering to share their insights and discuss the future of integrating innovation.  The Summit is being held at 66 Portland Place, the headquarters of the British architectural profession and as a showpiece of design and craftsmanship is a fitting location for this event.

This event has been extremely well received in the past with previous attendees commenting that it had ‘top notch panels’; interesting to look at AI from a conceptual, socio-economic perspective and perhaps most importantly of all, ‘informative, engaging and interactive.’

"Innovation", over the years has become one of the most talked-about topics. It has been said to be a catalyst for growth in almost all industries and works of life. While this could be said to be a good thing, it could also be a risky thing that prevents business owners from initiating some of the best ideas in the industry. The problem right now is how can inventors in the tech industry push for the development and use of new technologies to improve the way things are being carried out.  Another question that needs to be answered is how innovation can be built or designed into long, medium, and short term while taking into consideration a number of technologies that are currently not in existence.

This is where Dragon Blockchain Solutions comes into play by allowing businesses to bridge the gap between traditional business and blockchain innovation.  The powerful Dragon ecosystem of the Dragon Exchange, the amazingly versatile Dragon Coin and the free to download Dragon Social Wallet can be adopted into any existing business ecosystems to open a world of opportunity making them ready to fully embrace the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Dragon CEO Paul Moynan commended that, 'the pace of change in today’s world is ever increasing and as we look to the next decade it will be companies benefitting from Blockchain technology and those who leave the current business models behind who will thrive.  Almost ten years ago, Netflix was written off by big hitters such as Time Warner, yet though Innovation and willingness to try a different approach now have budgets equivalent to those of other top-tier entertainment companies.’

To address these problems, the Innovation Summit Europe has been designed. This year's edition will try to provide answers to some of the questions asked above. In addition to that, this event will discuss some of the measures that have been taken by business leaders to tackle the problems that are associated with the effective integration of innovation into the day-to-day lives of individuals.  As the breakdown of attendees are predominantly at C-Level they are able to make decisions to bring change and innovation to their companies.

This event will feature intense debates, panel discussion, and several keynote addresses from some of the top executives in the industry. President of American Express, Ann Mars has been scheduled to discuss the benefits of Innovation and how it has helped the financial service industry. Ed McLaughlin, President of MasterCard and Ellie Seldman, CEO of Tinder, has been announced as keynote speakers for this event. They will discuss the importance of Innovation, steps that should be taken to prepare for it, and some of the challenges that may arise.

Dragons Blockchain invocation spans an ever-increasing range of pillars and vertical markets including VIP Gaming, iGaming and eGaming which you can read about here. As Dragon continue to evolve the entertainment industry through Dragon Coin, it's going to be fascinating to see how the next decade takes shape.