The global blockchain community has descended on China for the Hong Kong Blockchain week held over 4thto 8thMarch which is set to grow into one of the largest blockchain events ever witnessed in Hong Kong.

With Hong Kong being the ‘Gateway to China’ it is well positioned to continue to be a leading international blockchain hub, and the event attracts over 3000 delegates, 170 expert speakers and literally hundreds of discussion and networking opportunities.      

Hong Kong Blockchain week conference

Some significant issues are in the line up including;

·     blockchain and power: big government, regulation and awareness

·      Investment outlook into blockchain technology

·      Industry and practical blockchain applications

·      Financial services implements blockchain

·      Solving blockchain’s biggest tech challenges

·     Trusting blockchain: cybersecurity.

Hosted by NexChange, the event boasts a great line up of industry movers and shakers such as Brittany Kaiser of Cambridge Analytica and co-founder of Ethereum Charles Hoskinson who are ready to light up the event with the latest advancements and insights into the continual-evolving, real-world applications of blockchain technology.

The 8thof March also features a unique invitation-only event in celebration of International Women's day. The Blockchain Wonder Women networking night side event has been organised by a dear friend of Dragon Co-founder Paul Moynan, Esther Ng.  Esther met Paul during a promotional tour being undertaken by Dragon across Hong Kong to showcase Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin, and remembering that Paul is an ardent advocate of women’s empowerment they have remained in contact ever since.  

From left to right Bowie Lau, Founder of MaGESpire, & Chairman of Association of Family Offices in Asia, Esther Ng, Marisol Park, Research and Strategy, Orichal Partners, Leah Callon-Butler, Co-founder & Chief Impact Officer, Intimate.

We caught up with Esther Ng in ‘Asia’s World City’ to discover what motivates her to organise these events across the Asia-Pacific zone.

Q.        “What benefits do you see in using blockchain solutions?”

A.         “I’ve been involved in blockchain for over a year now, I look forward the most to meeting other people who are interested and involved in technology such blockchain, DLT and digital currency so we can help solve problems and create a better, more transparent and efficient world.”

Q.        "Despite a modest number of women being employed in the blockchain industry your events draw sizable numbers of women, how do you see the women equalising the gender imbalance?"

A.         “I think that companies founded by women are generally better-rounded and can even make more money than male dominated ones however women in comparison have so much more difficulty raising funds for their start-ups and companies.”

Q.        “This is a challenging dilemma to face - how can you change this?”

A.         “I think bringing more women into the industry will facilitate more inclusion, stability and diversity. This ultimately means more success for everyone.  Blockchain is continually evolving, and more women need to be involved right from the very beginning to help shape and form this technology so that it’s built for everyone’s needs.

Q.        "Events such as the Blockchain Wonder Women must take up a considerable amount of time to organise—what are your main reasons for you doing them?"

A.         “I wanted to facilitate and share more awareness, experiences and information with more women, to provide an opportunity, especially for those that don’t usually have the chance, to practice standing up on stage to speak and be heard, especially since we need more diversity, inclusion and women leaders in the tech industry. This is why I created and am hosting these women in Blockchain events at Hong Kong Blockchain Week.”

The blockchain world needs more inspirational women like Esther to showcase the skills and unique qualities that women can bring to the industry.  A combination of Esther's inspiration and Dragon innovation provide an unbeatable combination.