Since being showcased at GameCon Philippines earlier this year, interest in Gameworks' innovative blockchain arcade machine ecosystem has snowballed.  It's a fascinating concept and shows the excellent vision of the gaming industry in the Philippines to exploit the fantastic opportunities of blockchain.  And what better way of uniting generations by applying it to the classic arcade staple – Space Invaders.  

Players can get hold of GWX tokens which they use to purchase credits to play the game, if the player doesn't make it onto the integrated leader board, their tokens go into the prize pool.  If a player remains at the top of the board for an hour, they bag all of the tokens in the jackpot prize pool.

As a proof of concept and to illustrate the whole play and reward cycle, Gameworks built a Space Invaders Arcade cabinet that was able to scan a QR code from the Gameworks Mobile Wallet app on their smartphone and allow the user to play the game.  The retro game performed exceptionally well and drew in crowds of gamers and developers keen to discover more about what may well be the world's first blockchain-based arcade game.  Jay Fajardo, CEO of Gameworks said, “the Blockchain gives us the ability to record in-game transactions in a way that makes them indelible, tamperproof and easily verifiable by anyone that has access to the network.”  

Gameworks might have just paved the way for a globally connected network of physical gaming machines where users compete for a gigantic prize pool.  For now, though the platform is accessed via its mobile application which has three unique functionalities;

·      Gameworks Game Central, the marketplace where users can browse and play the available games in the app.   This is a similar concept to other gaming marketplaces such as Steam, Garena, and Blizzard's where the games can be accessed quickly and instantly.  The Gameworks Wallet app is currently available through the Google Play Store, with an ongoing airdrop (Free tokens) for the first 10,000 wallet registrations with the iOS version expected to be released very shortly.

·      Gameworks Wallet, where players and publishers send, receive, and transact with the games, players, and Gameworks merchants with GWX tokens.

·      Gameworks Token Depot gives developers the flexibility to build monetisation with GWX tokens into their business models.

The Gameworks Wallet

As you can see, there's a lot going on, so why not take a moment to catch up with Gameworks’ latest video which excellently explains their ecosystem.  Or reach out to their Telegram Group, Facebook page and of course via their website where you can read the whitepaper to see the bigger picture.

Game publishers will be encouraged to create awesome gaming experiences by being provided with every tool needed to achieve this.  Gameworks are generously providing access to user registry API’s, token flow, accounting mechanisms and blockchain-based game dynamics.

Dragon CEO Paul Moynan recognises the game-changing possibilities of the Gameworks ecosystem adding, "creating a tokenised ecosystem with the first blockchain-based arcade machine is an amazing concept which could bring back the pleasure of heading out to a gaming arcade.  Showcasing this in Space Invaders was a great idea as almost everybody has played it in one form or another but imagine the exciting possibilities of competing in a tokenised arcade showdown in games such as Street Fighter and even more active Virtual Reality fitness or dance-based games.  This is another great step taken by Gamesworks which is having a positive impact on the people in the Philippines, its brilliant to see the team coming together.  Jay has really done some fantastic work and we at Dragon look forward to working closely together in the future.”
Joseph Villanueva, IoT Embedded Systems Intern, Lance Pormarejo, Head of Marketing & Business Development and Jay Fajardo, CEO, Gameworks

To conclude, Gameworks has thought carefully about the key pain points experienced by both the gamers and the game publishers and has tackled them head-on. By making fair play, security and Blockchain the bedrock of their platform they may have just unlocked another superb use case for blockchain technology and this company may soon be a major force in the gaming industry.  Which arcade game machine would you like to see added to the Gameworks ecosystem? We'd love to know so pop into Dragon Community group on Telegram now to let us know.