As a thank you for your support over the years, we  would like to invite you to join up now to get an exclusive first look at the Dragon Online Casino and offer you the opportunity to become the very first DRG Affiliates.

“Now that agreements are in place following in-depth discussions with a range of affiliate networks to bring in new users; I'm delighted to be able to offer all DRG holders the chance to view our world-class online casino before we hard launch.  As a thank you for supporting us as we have overcome challenges, we would like to invite you to become an affiliate and have the potential to earn great monthly revenue via your colleagues and network.” Paul Moynan, founder of Dragon Casino Club.

We have made it very seamless for you to open up an account at Dragon Casino Club then sign up as an affiliate completely free - you do not have to play to benefit from Dragon Online Casino instead leveraging your network and having them use your referral code you could earn up to 50% revenue share with the platform each and every month they continue to play.

The team have put together a handy user guide which is also posted in the DRG telegram group.

We look forward to sharing success with you.

Happy Gaming, Paul