Over 600 regulators, tech industry leaders, corporations, investors, entrepreneurs, and developers set to attend this event scheduled to hold at the Hyatt Hesperia Tower Barcelona, Spain from 20th to 21st January 2020. This is a well-designed program that will focus primarily on how Blockchain can be integrated into other areas of life. It will also discuss the potentials of this technology and how it can revolutionize both the healthcare, supply chain and financial industries. Delegates for this event should expect world-class content that is relevant to the topic in question (Blockchain) right now and in the years to come.

Dragon is standing by to help companies further expand their knowledge of Blockchain and its importance and how to bridge the gap between traditional business and Blockchain innovation.  The co-founder of Dragon, Paul Moynan reiterates, ‘for individuals to adopt this technology, they have first to understand how to maximize the potential of Distributed Ledger Technology and how it can be integrated into existing business ecosystems.’   With this event in Barcelona focusing primarily on Blockchain technology, the organizers have made sure delegates can engage with several renowned individuals to discuss the importance of this technology and how it can be adopted to improve industry output. Some of the keynote speakers for this event include Mariya Gabriel, the European Union (EU) Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society. Michael Kumhof, a Senior Research Advisor at the Bank of England, is also one of the keynote speakers for this Barcelona event.

Through events like this in Europe and similar ones happening all around the world, great strides are being made in raising awareness of Blockchain, and it uses. It's becoming clear that the possibilities of Blockchain technology are endless.   So get hold of your free Dragon Social Wallet here to be part of this exciting journey.