Despite the price, it could be argued that the Ethereum network is going from strength to strength as it continues to grow, cementing its position as a Blockchain superpower.  Network activity is ever increasing, with more and more new users utilising the network monthly. With a series of rolling updates such as the recent Istanbul update, the Ethereum Blockchain continues to be well maintained, bringing additional enhancements and stability.  This is great news for users of the Dragon Ecosystem and Dragon Coin, which is an ERC-20 utility token because these efficiencies are built upon by the Dragon technical team to improve the Dragon Social Wallet (DSW) and the Dragon Exchange (DRGx).

The Ethereum network has always been a significant player as a Blockchain application and network securing its position as the second-largest crypto asset, boosted by consistently high levels of activity throughout its history. It is undoubtedly in one of the healthiest positions ever as a key crypto network and, in recent months, both the hash-rate and network activity have skyrocketed to new highs, with over 70,000 new addresses registering in a 24 hour period recently.  The network currently has around 245,000 active addresses, signifying that things are going swimming well for the popular alt coin network.

On the strength of Ethereum now, Dragon co-founder, Paul Moynan said, "while the Eth network is now arguably in its healthiest position, there are still some concerns around the price, but level-headed investors understand these lows can be overcome as they have been in previous years.  I’m optimistic that we will see sustained growth throughout 2020 which will coincide with the full launch of the Dragon Ecosystem."

Furthermore, Ethereum's activity over the past month shows strong evidence that overall network health has strengthened significantly, with key performance indicating metrics exhibiting some stunning numbers. For instance, over 9 million Ethereum blocks have been mined, with 15.6 million addresses showing a positive account balance. With more than $500 million secured in Ethereum's Decentralised finance network, it's fair to say we are seeing a fruitful time for Ethereum network users right now and of course, we'll bring you all the latest news and developments as they happen right here on the Dragon Blog.