The popular altcoin blockchain application Ethereum, which is well known for its built-in programming language allowing users to build modified decentralised ledgers is set for a series of new updates very soon. Updates that could have a significant impact on Dragon and Dragon Ecosystem users.

Since Ethereum's inception in 2015, the open-source blockchain platform developed by Vitalik Buterin has amassed extraordinary success and levels of growth, to the point where it has become the second primary currency in the crypto market, behind only Bitcoin with 45 Billion dollars' worth of capitalisation to date. However, the latest set of developments around the Ethereum network
cast both wonder and anticipation regarding the future of Ethereum, with many eager to see what guaranteed outcomes the updates will present.

That being said, Ethereum’s upcoming developments shouldn’t come as a surprise to many. Having been encoded by developers with the Casper algorithm from day one, the long-term focus has always been on the transition in to the staking model, signifying the ever-impending move to Serenity, the last post-development phase of Ethereum that will alter Ether’s mining concept from a proof of work to proof of stake consensus algorithm, a move which by all accounts is very close to fruition.

With Dragon's ERC-20 token being part of the Etherum network, what does this mean for Dragon Coin (DRG) the world's number one entertainment coin and Dragon users in particular? The soon to be Proof of Stake algorithm transition is sure to have numerous significant benefits for Dragon users and gamers on all three Dragon Pillars (VIP Gaming, iGaming and eGaming), with the new system not only being attractive but also promising a range of enhancements. It is substantially less costly than the POW counterpart and addresses the economic and environmental costs of mining. When the POS system algorithm is deployed, the early advantages will comprise of superior network security and enhanced energy efficiency. The improvements in the speed of the Ethereum blockchain
application will also be noticeable, making gamers enjoy a much more efficient and speedy experience too, with the added assurances of superior security protecting both their IP and investments.

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