Whoever said gaming was no big deal?  With the global games market predicted to exceed a colossal $138 billion in 2019 and combined with the fastest growing fan-base, gaming is rapidly evolving into one of the hottest and most profitable entertainment industries around.

Pakistan has a population of over 212 million people with a median age of around 23 years - an ideal age range to capitalise on the fascinating possibilities afforded by gaming.  Eyes are always drawn to the headline festivals and events but the spin off from the rise in gaming is the growth of supporting industries providing new employment opportunities in area such as game creation, technical support and event management.  With the ever-present smartphone being carried around, casual gaming on mobile devices now accounts for a staggering $70 billion generated in Asia alone.

There are various ways to attract attention to a country, so that it can boost the economy, attract investors, and portray the country in the best of light, but who would have thought that gaming had that ability? In a recent development, Pakistan was home to an extraordinary gaming event, and one of the biggest the country has ever witnessed. The event which took place at the Expo Centre Lahore was packed to the rafters with more than 10,000 people from all over the country.

As you may know, eGaming is one of the pillars that Dragon is founded on, with VIP gaming and iGaming making up the complete trio.   Expect to see Dragon's influence upon the growth of eGaming throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America once launched.

Dew Gamers Arena, which is sponsored by Samsung, had an amazing array of players for DOTA 2, CS: GO, and PUBG Mobile, all coming together to slug it out for their teams.  If you've ever been to a live event, you know how intense they can be - especially when there is an amazing trophy and monetary prize of Rs. 1,000,000. It was amazing to see the crowd cheering their favourite teams, and you could see the faces of the players trying hard to ensure that they didn't lose their concentration.

There were great performances from musicians and bands, providing a genuinely electrifying moment for everyone present.  Great thanks go to Mountain Dew who have successfully helped the gaming community in Pakistan level up, and the outlook is excellent for the gaming community in Pakistan.

Dragon intends to leave its mark in the eGaming segment, and the potential of what is possible is impressive.  Imagine gamers using Dragon Coin as a remarkably faster and cheaper form of payment as well as giving players the ability to use the Dragon Social Wallet to access other platforms across the Dragon Ecosystem. With the free Dragon Social Wallet app for IOS and Android players can purchase their Dragon Coin and proceed to play all of the partnered games in the ecosystem once they come online.

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