Time flies, doesn't it? Would you believe that a year has already passed since Erica Stanford founded the Crypto Curry Club?  A completely sales-free networking event catering (no pun intended) to the industry leaders in blockchain, which has risen vastly in popularity within the short time they've been operating. The Crypto Curry Club events attract authors, government advisors, leaders in their respective fields, founders of startups and scale-ups, and senior management of the largest and most influential companies in tech, and global enterprises.

The Dragon Team congratulate Erica on her first anniversary of the Crypto Curry Club and on her great vision to seek out solutions to better the lives of people across the globe. Erica has inspired and educated so many people about blockchain, giving them the confidence to apply this knowledge in their own companies.

The events are expertly run by Erica, who had a previous career in sales and marketing before diving into the blockchain space.  Erica's years spent as a strategist has allowed her to develop an excellent understanding of how to create a marketing strategy that could actually work. Pairing those skills with her extremely knowledgeable views on the crypto and blockchain space has resulted in many successes in Erica's portfolio.  This includes being the co-founder of Cryptocurrency Simplified, the leading, go-to, free educational resource that provides all you the information needed to build a clear understanding of the crypto and blockchain space.  Complex topics, including tokenization and the future of tech, are all presented in an easy to understand format. Erica is taking steps toward blockchain adoption by helping educate the masses on the true potential of blockchain technology, taking up a new position this month as a mentor to fintech and blockchain startups at WeWork Fintech and Blockchain Labs London.

Erica is a clear advocate for sustainability, environmental issues and animal rights, having hosted events in regards to every field, including an upcoming one on sustainability taking place on 7th

Nov.  The Dragon Media team caught up with Erica and asked her about the Crypto Curry Club.  She told us it was hard to meet people at other events, and along with all the hype and paid sales pitches, there was a distinct lack of community - making them seem like a sponsored expedition as opposed to a networking event. Initially, her events were invite-only affairs to ensure the quality of participants with the explicit aim of bringing together true leaders in their fields.  Founders of companies and senior management of corporates were brought together to talk about tech.  A more relaxed environment proved to boost engagement as opposed to the regular sales pitch and seminars. As time has passed, the events have continued to go from strength to strength, attracting more and more people. Traction started increasing early on, and a sense of community developed with many attendees coming back time and time again. Erica has set goals for the next five years to become one of the biggest networking and educational events in the emerging tech market in the UK and beyond.

The Crypto Curry Club will be the host for “Tech for Sustainability." A networking lunch with talks regarding the latest innovations in the tech industry and how they can be utilized for business to drive sustainability. Highlighting how changes should be implemented for businesses to use less energy and run more efficiently. Amongst the list of companies that will share how they leverage tech to increase sustainability is Ben Ramsden. Representing Digital Catapult, UK's leading innovation centre for the early adoption of advanced digital technologies, Ben will be speaking further on using blockchain to reduce waste and improve efficiencies in the food supply chain. Additional discussions will focus on how businesses can utilize tech to reduce their environmental impact as well as which technologies are most suitable – click here to grab your tickets right now for this great event.  

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