"To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities." (Bruce Lee)

Blockchain has been labelled 2018's buzzword and is expected to revolutionize life as we know it, yet it continues to mystify people. So what exactly is blockchain?

Tom Espiner says blockchain "is a ledger of blocks of information, such as transactions or agreements, that are stored across a network of computers". In other words, it's like a spreadsheet that's been copied and shared across a number of computers. And since this blockchain database isn't housed in a single location, records are both more trustworthy and secure. But how can blockchain be used?

Blockchain technology can be used for pretty much anything, from supply chain management to arts and entertainment. In fact, Tiana Laurence, the author of Amazon best-seller, Blockchain for Dummies,  maintains that teaming entertainment - and more specifically gaming - with blockchain, should drive the technology further.

So, perhaps it's no surprise that the world's first gaming and entertainment token, Dragon, has been making huge waves and smashing records across the globe. Indeed, Jennifer Spencer argues that Dragon's staff, strategic plans and benefits put the company in "a league of its own".

Legendary martial artist and movie star, Bruce Lee, created new opportunities, chopped blocks with his bare hands and redefined a whole industry. Likewise, Dragon is opening new doors, breaking down blockchain boundaries and transforming the world as we know it.

So are you ready to Enter the Dragon?

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